Saturday, October 15, 2016

Colored my hair.

I've been using manic panic for years to color my hair, but I've wanted to try something new. Recently I went to Sally's and got Darkest Brown in a dye which has no peroxide or ammonia. I was going for a soft/natural black. I'm looking to replace the dye that I used to get in the bay area for like $120 at a salon. Funny thing is: my hair looks the same as it did with that dye and I paid $6 for it.
First I put on coconut oil, like I usually do before washing. I let it sit for an hour, then applied the dye over my oiled hair. I wrapped the dyed hair with cling wrap and let it sit under a shower cap for 2 hours. Then I rinsed until I pruned and when the water ran clear I applied a protein treatment. Even with the coconut oil in my hair, it still felt dry after rinsing and this protein treatment has been making my hair very happy, it is like a miracle.
I colored my hair Thursday, yesterday. This is what it looks like today:

I'm pretty happy with it so far. The bottle says it lasts 4 to 8 washes, which is a very short time, but I hope it will last at least a month. Someone on the Sally's website left a review saying it contains 2 ingredients which are "cousins" of peroxide and ammonia, but I hope that it won't lighten my hair. It doesn't come with a developer or anything like that. I would like to use this dye. Its way easier to get than the manic panic I used before and it is also cheaper and it gives me glossy hair. The picture is not very good at showing it, but I see it in the mirror.
If it lasts at least a month and if my color under this has not lightened then I will definitely switch to this brand.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Amla oil, shampoo bar and Caca Brun.

I tried to Amla Oil I bought a while ago. I really like how it made my length feel after washing, I didn't use it on my scalp, I love Neeli oil too much. Unfortunately my skin did not react well to the Amla oil I broke out in huge pimples all over my shoulders and upper back. It's really bad. So unfortunately I can't use it, as much as I like it. However I do feel like I should maybe try some other oils for my length, just for fun. I have castor oil and extra virgin olive oil so I will give them a try. Maybe I'll even give mineral oil a try as a leave-in. I want to stop being so hung up on the coconut oil, maybe it is stifling my hair.
The black soap really dried out my hair starting with the third wash. It looked very frizzy and dry, not to mention it was very difficult to comb it as it tangled just by existing. So I switched back to the redken shampoo which works well and smells great.
I bought Caca Brun a while ago and could not use it because I am allergic to it. For a few years I've been toying with the idea of using henna on my length to protect my ends and strengthen my length. So I decided to give the caca brun a try. Since I only applied it below the chin while my hair was in two ponytails, it did not touch my skin at all, so I was able to use it without any side effects. I don't see any color change at all, but my hair feels soft, and is super easy to detangle. All and all I would like to keep doing treatments on the length.
I really hated my last length photo so I did a deep V cut about a week ago. I want my ends to blend better with the front layers as my hair grows. It is a super easy way to cut too, easier to get even and looks better with my layers. I actually planned on it for a while but I never had the courage to do it before.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shampoo bar update plus boredom.

So the CV bar I started using is not really working out for me. First of all it makes me shed WAY more, like 4-5 times more than it was with the redken shampoo. Second of all it does not clean the length very well. Just running it through the length doesn't work and soaping up the length one out of the two times I use it on my scalp also does not remove the oil. Using it twice on the length could work except it makes all the hair around my scalp very frizzy, dry and tangly which I don't want for my length.
My main concern is the increased shedding though, that alone is making me not want to use this shampoo bar. So I decided starting today I'm going with the black soap, it worked well for me in the past, it actually cleaned my hair and I don't remember any increased shedding.
Now onto the seemingly never-ending boredom... I want to color my hair. I kind of want black hair but not that super fake obvious blue black that many people use. I'm thinking more along the lines of a natural looking brown-black like the kind that darkest brown gives me usually.
I'm probably going to go to sally's and try to find a demi-dye or something alone those lines without peroxide because I don't want to have lightened hair under the dye. The last thing I want is for my hair to be lighter once the dye washes out. That's actually another reason that I want this color and not "black" because brown washes out but black sticks to hair and never lets go.
I'm playing around with some ideas on how to wear my hair because the same old cinnabun or french braid is getting super boring to me. I kind of want to leave it down too because it's still relatively short and doesn't get in the way. But I do want to use some braids to keep it off my face. I have some ideas but I'm not 100% sure what I will stick with, not until I have tested some styles to see how comfortable they are and how well they stay looking nice over the course of the day.
I kind of want to cut my hair too. Like last time I cut my hair, yesterday I saw someone who went from long hair to a nice shoulder length bob which looks super cute on her and now I miss having that length. My inner monologue is the same as always: I keep my hair up anyway, it would be more comfortable, it would be easier to style, wash and comb. But I know from experience that I will end up regretting it a month or two after I chop, then I start feeling guilty and defeated. So really I need to mentally slap myself back into focus and just stick to the trims. I kind of want to do a bigger trim this month though, the ends are annoying me, some strands are rough at the ends and some ends are bent like they are broken but not enough to fall away. I think my hair needs a good trim.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Shampoo bars again.

I finally finished my redken shampoo bottle today and my hair is still doing great without conditioner so I took all the redken products out of the bathroom and replaced the shampoo with a CV Neem shampoo bar. I'm very excited to try this one and it's been so long since I used shampoo bars. The last time around my pre-wash oil wasn't being removed completely but I plan to be more through this time around when applying the shampoo.

This is what my routine is going to look like starting with my next wash:
- pre-wash oiling with extra virgin coconut oil
- washing with CV neem shampoo bar
- rinsing with lemon rinse (a half a tea spoon of lemon juice to a glass of water, very important measurement because lemon can damage and bleach hair)
- post wash:  - nothing if I plan to wear it up, or maybe a bit of coconut oil on the ends
                     - Kimberlily's defrizz spray if I wear it down
                     - clear aloe vera gel if I have flyaways

I feel like I'm back on track with natural hair care.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Trim, cassia and protein.

So yesterday was a very eventful day for my hair. I love using my days off to pamper, it's like a calming way to de-stress and give myself some love. Anyway, this is what I did yesterday: trimmed my hair, did a cassia treatment, and did a protein treatment.
Since I figured out that my hair is fine, I realized I need to start regular trims. I have been so happy about it. I feel better about my hair after a trim and since I'm micro-trimming I don't feel bad about losing any length.
I've been going back and forth about whether or not I should trim my layers. This time I trimmed them and I have to say they are kind of uneven at the very ends. The racers are causing mini fairy-tale ends, so I couldn't help myself from trimming. I'm sure that will be the case as my hair grows. My best option would be to just trim twice as much from the longest layer as I do the others and maybe skip trimming the layers a few months at a time. This way I can keep growing my length and slowly get rid of layers... maybe... I'm not sure I want them fully gone yet, but this plan will give me time to find out what I want.
The cassia treatment was overdue. I can always tell when it's time because my hair gets all oily or extra tangly. I added a bit more amla this time and it made the paste more slippery and easier to apply.
I followed up the cassia with a cholesterol treatment. I really like how my hair feels after using it, but I'm afraid of protein overload (which I experienced before and its horrible). This is why I decided to do a protein treatment about once a month, just like the cassia treatment and the trim. I think doing them all on the same day makes it easier to keep track.
After much consideration I bought some manic panic raven black hair dye. I was considering going to a professional but I haven't found one that uses something without peroxide or ammonia, which is what my old hair dresser used. Manic panic is plant based and doesn't have peroxide or amonia, it washes out of my hair completely without leaving any changes to my hair once it's gone, it is also way cheaper than going to a salon to get it colored. It probably won't make a huge difference in the photos but I see a huge difference in the mirror because the hair around my face is light.
I've been considering maintaining length at hip, once I reach it. This is partly because I think hip might be my ideal final length and also because I may need time to get used to actually long hair again after so many years of short hair. I've experienced should length hair while I mostly rocked the pixie, and since I've been growing out I experienced APL-BSL length, now maybe I could spend some time in the waist-hip area.
I think that after a while I could be ready for longer than hip hair, but I fear that if I just jump into it I will freak out and end up chopping again. My ultimate goal is still at least classic, but I don't want to rush into it.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Update on giving up conditioner and Neeli oil.

It has been 3 weeks since I started skipping conditioner and my hair is doing great. It doesn't feel dry or tangly at all. It feels normal and my shower takes less time so I'm happy with the results.
Neeli oil has been good for my scalp, as good as I remember it being. My hair has even been growing a bit faster. Not one inch a month though, because I haven't been using it every other day like before.
My scalp was feeling a bit uncomfortable before I started using Neeli oil but now its 100% happy again. I've been leaving it on over night, mostly because I've changed the times when I sleep so I don't have time to oil and wash on the same night. But I like keeping it on longer so this is a good thing.
In other news my shedding is lowered so I lose only about a third of the hair I was losing before.
All and all everything is going well with my hair, so I'm happy on that front.
As far as natural hair care is going I only have one element left to replace: shampoo. The bottle I started is almost done and I am not sure if I want to finish the second bottle as well or if I want to move onto the shampoo bar. I'll have to think about it.