Monday, December 19, 2011

Build-up: what, how you get it and how you get rid of it.

Part two here: Removing build-up from hair
What: Build-up causes major problems for a lot of people. It makes your hair seem unmanageable, tangly, frizzy, greasy, crunchy, dry or velcroy.

How you get it: you can get buildup from many different sources for example:
- swimming in a pool with chlorine water
- styling products
- shampoo and conditioner (including deep conditioning products)
- washing your hair with hard water
- sometimes even hair oils

How to get rid of it: You can get rid of it with the help of:
- clarifying shampoo (any shampoo that says "clarifying" on it) - get rid of styling product, shampoo and conditioner build-up (make sure it is silicone and protein free)
- chelating shampoo - gets rid of mineral build-up (chlorine, iron from hard water, etc)
- club soda (used as a post wash rinse) is said to act as a chelator
- baking soda washes are said to clarify

A more problematic build-up is protein build-up. If you use products with protein in them your hair will be dry and lack the ability to stretch, it will tangle and break easily and generally give you a bad time. The way to fix this is to stop using products with protein, clarify your hair and give it LOTS of moisture (deep oiling, hot oil treatments, henna, cassia, deep conditioning treatments). It may take weeks to bring your hair back to being silky and soft. The only time protein is really necessary is if you bleached or chemically colored your hair, permed or chemically straightened it, or you have porous hair, although there are other instances too. How to identify protein: the ingredients are usually some form of "cholesterol", "Hydrolyzed" ANYTHING, amino acids, keratin, Panthenol (a.k.a. Vitamin B5) and collagen; products that say "for damaged hair", "strengthening" or "reconstructive". When in doubt be sure to google the ingredients of your hair products or ask the manufacturer.

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