Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Minimize chemical dye damage and alternatives.

Part two here: Henna: color your hair without damaging it

The BEST way to have healthy hair is to grow it out naturally (natural texture & color).

Lightening your hair will ALWAYS damage your hair and almost all chemical coloring comes with a developer which contains peroxide. The worst thing you can do to your hair is to bleach or perm it BUT you can minimize the bleach/peroxide damage.

The best way to minimize peroxide/bleach damage is to do an overnight coconut oiling (with pure, virgin coconut oil, Nutiva is a great brand, apply this on hair that has been washed with clarifying shampoo to allow strand penetration). After you left the coconut oil on your hair overnight apply the chemical color or bleach over the still oiled hair. This is very important: do NOT wash it out, the coconut oil will enhance the color you’re are aiming for, not ruin it. (more info here)

For more information about caring for bleached hair and for fine hair go here:

BUT there are alternatives to coloring which are actually good for your hair such as (also check out my other entry: All about cassia obovada, henna, indigo):

-Cassia - same benefits as henna but virtually colorless (may add a golden tone), will wash out after a month.

- Henna - conditions your hair, proven to strengthen hair strands and make them less likely to split or break, plus add fantastic shine and slip. Gives your hair a reddish tint but works with your natural hair color, it will not lighten your hair and will show off your natural highlights. This is truly PERMANENT, you can only grow out your hair and cut off the color, you cannot remove it and it will never fade. ALWAYS buy Body Art Quality henna because otherwise you can turn your hair green or literally melt it off. You can buy BAQ henna from here: ,  Henna-boy ,  Castle art .

- Indigo - combined with henna can give you a range of brunette colors from reddish medium brown to jet black depending on your mixture and starting hair color.

More information on henna here:

- free Henna ebook:

Misconceptions, Mistakes and Tips on Henna for Hair by Henna Sooq

I use henna from on my hair and you can see the results in my photos, my hair is auburn I started off with medium brown hair, and the color looks different in different lighting. Happy coloring!

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