Sunday, March 25, 2012

Alternative ways to wash hair. Today: Shampoo Bars

- you can find 100% natural shampoo bars, which means you can avoid chemicals (my favorite is Chagrin Valley)
- it's fast and easy
- it cleans really well without stripping it of moisture too much (if you use the 100% natural ones that are SLS free)

- wet hair and apply shampoo bar to scalp and length (or just scalp) in a combing motion or by applying it to your hands then running your hands over your hair
- massage your scalp well and run your hands over your length, NOT through the length (like finger combing) because your hair will not have much slip to it unless you applied it to the length as well
- rinse out the shampoo while massaging the scalp
- follow up with an acidic rinse, this is a MUST because your skin has an acidic pH and shampoo bars have a basic pH, this rinse also works as a sort of conditioner making the hair softer and giving it slip
- options for acidic rinse: Apple Cider Vinegar (one tea spoon of vinegar to one cup of water) - other vinegars work too (except for balsamic vinegar), lemon rinse - works great for defining curls, but it can be drying and lighten your hair if it is not used in the proper dilution, the recommended dilution is a half a tea spoon of lemon juice to one cup of water, but if it's too drying for you, use less

- it can be too drying for some, I use a solid conditioner to fight that, oil would work too, just remember less is more
- your hair might smell like vinegar while it is wet (if you used a vinegar rinse), but that smell will go away once your hair is dry

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