Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hair on a budget

In this economy saving money is very popular, I personally enjoying saving money whenever I can. There are options to consider which can save you a LOT of money.
- self-trimming 
If you trim your hair every 6 weeks at a cheap local place for about $20 in one year it will cost you $173, if you're lucky and find a cheaper place that only charges you $10 then in one year you'll pay $86.5, however if you go to a nice place that charges you $60 then you'll spend $520 in one year, and all this is minus the tip. Now if you only trim your hair when necessary that cost will go way down, BUT if you trim it yourself then you will save a heck of a lot more money.
A hair cutting scissor can be as cheap as $6.99 on Amazon and $9.99 at CVS. Make sure you only use the scissor to cut your hair and you can sharpen it whenever you need for a couple of dollars. There are a LOT of tutorials online which you can find, especially on youtube, but my favorite is Feye's tutorial. Self-trimming can save you anywhere between $76 and $500 a year. That's a pretty good deal. Plus it gives you the opportunity to have all the control over your hair and how much gets trimmed.
- conditioners and shampoo
V05, white Rain and Suave are good and cheap hair products. You don't have to spend $30 for a super expensive conditioner or shampoo to have it work well. Just make sure you know what you're looking for because trying one V05 and having it not work doesn't mean you won't like any of them, some of them are more moisturizing than others. Conditioners that say "clarifying" or "volumizing" tend to be light conditioners and should be used if you hair doesn't need much conditioning. If you are looking for stuff that add a lot of moisture to your hair you can look for "moisturizing" on the bottle, Suave Ocean breeze, V05 moisture milk conditioner, strawberries and cream are heavier conditioners that I personally like. If your hair needs protein then you can look to V05 moisture milk conditioner, strawberries and cream again, there are others like that but you have to look at the ingredients.
If you're looking for sulfate free stuff you have to get more inventive, but usually "Yes to" tends to be in the lower prices and health food stores have lots of other options. A good alternative to conditioner is oil, mineral oil and plant oil is very good and usually under $10 dollars per jar. If used properly one jar of oil can last for over a year and that will save you a lot on conditioner. all you have to do is use a little bit of oil as a leave in post wash conditioner, a little goes a long way all you need is a few drops and you can experiment until you find the correct amount and type of oils that work with your hair. the most popular oils are: mineral, coconut, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba and avocado.
- towels
Microfiber towels work really well, especially when it comes to reducing drying time and frizz BUT they can cost a bit so in stead you can use one of your old cotton t-shirts for free. The microfiber towels can be found on Amazon for $2.30.
- shine boosters
You can void it all together by doing a cold rinse right before getting out of the shower or doing a lemon juice or vinegar rinse (1/2 a tea spoon or one tea spoon to one cup of water), which would be better than spending $15 to $30 on a shine enhancer. Leave in oil also works well as a shine enhancer.
If you switch to V05 from Pantene you will spend 5 times less money on hair washing/conditioning and if you're switching from a more expensive brand of professional products you'd be spending 30-40 maybe even 50 times less money on hair care.
- hair toys
Hair sticks are very popular on hair sites because they are comfortable and gentle on the hair, you can make your own from chop sticks by sanding them down and using nail polish to paint them, or use knitting needles which can be about $2-3 and they can be found in wood and metal. Hair ties can harm the hair but ribbons are cheaper, safer and tend to be prettier too. there are other options but in general you can go to the dollar store and find stuff for your hair that's both pretty and cheap. I have some hair flowers from there that I absolutely love.
- combs
Once again the dollar store is your best bet. I've talked about this before, plastic combs are not hair safe because they have seams that can harm your hair, but you can file those down and get a great comb that will last a long time.
- hair styling products
You can make your own and save tone if you use styling products a lot, and they will be better for your hair health too. Instructions here: Make Your Own Natural styling products.
- make your own
It is a lot cheaper to make your own stuff in general and there are a lot of tutorials to be found, especially on youtube. So if you want to save, consider making your own stuff. A good tutorial is found here: Make your own shampoo and conditioner.

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