Friday, June 22, 2012

Organic Neelibhringadi Oil

I recently ordered organic Neelibhringadi Oil from India Abundance and it arrived within days of being ordered. That's pretty awesome seeing as it comes all the way from India.

First impression:

- says massage oil on the bottle
- the website says:
    Encourages rich and full hair growth
    Stops premature greying and hair loss
    Calms Pitta
    Restores healthy shine to hair
    Suggested Use: Apply to head before bathing leave for 20-30 minutes  then wash."
- it smells way better than the USA India Store one I used before
- makes my scalp tingly (so I know it's doing something)

I will update more on this as I use it more often.
*** It diminished my shedding, but did not stop my scalp from itching nor make my hair grow an inch a month (like the USA India Store version).***

The reason why I bought this new Neelibhringadi Oil, is NOT because I finished my old one, NOR because I wanted to use organic in stead of not. I bought this oil because the old one from USA India Store started smelling even worse than before and getting crystallized (the way honey crystallizes) and refused to stay in liquid form, not to mention my shedding started getting worse a few weeks back (which has calmed down due to the cortizone).

The USA India Store version did last me a good 9 months or so, I only hope this one will last longer, but 8-9 months is also acceptable. :D


  1. The crystalization occurs because the base oil is coconut (they boil herbs in the coconut oil to get their extract). Coconut oil solidifies at temps below 75F.

    I will rather recommend you this brand

    I am from India, and I know this pharmacy (Arya Vaidya Sala) very well. It is very well reputed.

    I am not sure of the other two brands you have posted.

    Good luck growing hair!

    1. I'll give that one a try. Thank you for the suggestion! :)

  2. How many times do you apply the oil to your scalp? I've just ordered it because I'm dealing with hair loss

    1. I use it before every wash and I wash every other day (one day yes, one day no).

  3. Can I use this with castor oil on my scalp?


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