Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cortizone, cocoa butter and organic Neelibhringadi oil updates.

Cortizone experiment update:
My scalp itchiness has not been cured long term by the conrtizone. It started itching a week after the experiment ended. So for my purposes I will call this experiment a failure. However, while I used it my shedding was very low, my scalp was comfortable after 2 days / 8 applications and my scalp is not flaky anymore.

Cocoa butter:
I have been using Cocoa Butter Hair Balm on my scalp as a leave-in because it is suppose to help with itchy scalp. From my research cocoa butter is anti-fungal and moisturizing.

- my scalp is comfortable
- as long as I don't use too much it doesn't make my hair look greasy
- I can skip a day or two on washing and using Neelibhringadi Oil because my scalp is comfortable and my shedding doesn't go up like it usually does without Neelibhringadi oil or cocoa butter
- it smells really nice, like chocolate, unlike Neelibhringadi oil

I'm going to be using cocoa butter for a while longer, if there are any long term benefits (like I have to use it  less often after using it for an extended period of time) I will make an update about it.

Organic Neelibhringadi oil update:
- I already mentioned it smells better than the other version, but it does still smell a lot like oil, I can't describe it another way, it's just a strong vegetable oil smell
- it works just as well as the other version when it comes to reduced shedding
- my hair not is growing at it's usual 1 inch a month rate, it grows 1/2 an inch a month

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