Sunday, July 29, 2012

Very long hair and Dr. George Michael.

In my opinion very long hair is classic (beneath the buttocks) or longer, but this perception differs from location to location, and person to person. Why would anyone want super long hair? This is usually a very personal decision so it's probably not the same for everyone. I personally think that very long hair is awesome because not many people in my area have hair beyond classic length, some of my favorite anime characters have gorgeous long hair, it teaches me patience and I learn a lot about hair care as it grows, it's kind of romantic in a fairy-tale type of way, I don't like following hair (cultural) norms, and last but not least I think very long hair is beautiful. While I'm not at such a length yet, I am hoping one day I will be, as long as my genes don't prevent me and it's not too challenging to care for it. I set my goal as waist because it won't take too long to get there and it's realistic, but after I reach it I do plan to keep growing, as long as all goes well.

So what does a singer like George Michael have to do with very long hair? And when did he become a doctor? Well this is a different George Michael, his born name is George Michael Selisky, but he dropped the last name after coming to US. His full profile is here: Dr. George Michael. He is very respected when it comes to long hair, and he developed hair care methods and products using his medical degree, love for long hair and experience in hair salons. A lot of the concepts for hair care on LHC and that I've myself been using and posting on this blog are his. He even opened up long hair salons all over the world that are designed for extreme lengths which are not commonly dealt with in regular salons.

I have recently bough his book because to me it's the long hair bible and I very much wish to read it. The book is called George Michale Secrets for Beautiful Hair and can be found online from $495 new to $55 used. I suspect it's very expensive because not many people need to read it, but the ones that do, REALLY need it, and it may also be used as a textbook for stylist training to be a part of his salons. His concepts can be found all over the net, but I'd like to read it from the horses mouth. ***I have read this book and summarized some of the important points here: George Michael's Secrets for Beautiful Hair.***

If you are reading this and wish to know more about his techniques, but don't want to spend the money (which is totally understandable), here are some links to get you started on his techniques:

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Damaged Hair: Understanding, Preventing & Rehabilitating
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  1. I was searching the internet and was very pleased to read you have a interest in long hair.Most of all Dr.George Michael.I studied with him for 20 years on and off.brilliant man.I was referred to him by a hair school,called pivit point international.I used to model and did thousands of hair shows.unfortunate for me I almost went bald.Go see Dr George Michael in New York needless to say I did.and he helped me .If you want to know more of my story please e-mail I have a engagement and have to go now. sincerely, Bella

    1. I would love to hear what treatments you used to recover.

    2. First, your braid looks awesome. Have patience. I am a believer that for SOME women, tiny (<1") trims maybe twice a year actually stimulates follicles to grow more. The hardest thing, for women such as my wife with poker-straight hair. a pixie grow-out does not look particularly great until the hair reaches all one length, and is bobbed. That may take at least a year. For those wavies, they are blessed. Just let it grow! The good news: My wife has worn waist-to-hip length since 2004!


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