Monday, August 27, 2012

Finally at APL!

I am finally at APL. Happy dance! \(^_^)/

In other news I have yet again switched from shampoo bars to Conditioner Only washes. This time I am using Yes To Tomatoes as a washing conditioner and Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose as a heavy conditioner. I think the AO is making my hair a bit frizzy because it has glycerin which is a humecatant and I currently live in a humid environment. I did get Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze Conditioner and I will try that one next time as a heavy conditioner (it was my favorite last year).

I am very sad about V05 and Suave right now. V05 now (?) has protein in all of their conditioners. My hair hates protein, so now I have to pay ten times more for conditioner. *sadness* I don't know if I just noticed the protein since I started paying attention to it or if they just added it. *shurg* Also Suave discontinued their Naturals Juicy Green Apple Conditioner *double sadness* it was my favorite washing conditioner (except for the slightly increased shedding). I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore. *sigh*

The organic Neelibhringadi Oil definitely did not give me the 1 inch of growth a month which I have loved/experienced for the past 9-10 months nor did it truly stop my scalp from itching, so I bought the old version and my hair started growing fast again. I actually think I finally reached APL because of it. I've been stuck hovering above APL for months, it was seriously getting depressing. The USAIndiaStore version is also keeping my scalp itchiness in check, which is awesome! Unfortunately my hair has been shedding a lot more during washing, so I'm thinking they might have tweaked the recipe. In between washes my hair doesn't shed much (1-3 hairs a day) but during washing it is a lot more than my usual 10-30 hairs (it's more like 100 hairs). It could be that my scalp finally balanced out and now I actually shed normally, or it could be the oil is different. The jury is still out on that, because the organic version prevented the extra shedding during washing. Maybe my scalp is just getting used to the new oil again? *double shrug*

I have recently invested in a heat cap, this one: Pink Hair Cap . I have been using it for hot coconut oiling treatments and it works very well. I'm glad I finally got one. I've been wanting a heat cap for a year now, inspired by Cinnamon.

I also made an impulse buy for a Snake Oil Scalp Treatment Bar from Lush (which ended up being over $13  with the added $6 shipping fee), after reading this Remedies for Severe Scalp Psoriasis thread. Although the Neelibhringadi oil fixes all my issues on that front, I always want to try something new. This is probably why my hair hasn't been growing much for the past few months, because of my experimenting with organic Neelibhringadi oil and cortizone. But it is a impulse buy and who knows what it can do for my scalp unless I try it? lol

I also kind of want to do one month of castor oil treatments to increase my thickness some more. I always get a halo of new hair when I use it, but it does slow down my growth so I wanted to hit APL before using it again. Honestly I might have to hit BSL or waist before using it. I keep postponing it because I love getting fast growth (I was suppose to do it mid year in June). BUT I have to remind myself that thickness is also important and I do want to get it past 4 inches again. *sigh* Decisions, decisions.

Anywho, all and all I am very happy with my hair right now. My thickness has increased (photo at the end of this) from 2.5 inches I had last year to 3.1 inches right now, my scalp is comfortable, I'm seeing a lot of length growth, my shedding is not scaring me and I can make both shampoo bars and conditioner only washes work for me. My length is mostly happy except for the occasional flyaway that is fixed with coconut oil and aloe vera gel leave-in. I'm also not stressing about my hair color and just loving the henna right now, I can even do a couple of buns, one of which actually stays all day without having to redo it. So yay! All is well in hair land right now. I'm super excited to start my APL to BSL journey, this time I shall reach BSL because with the layers gone I have nothing holding me back.


  1. Well done, Adelina. I've recently stumbled over your blog and I love it. I have a problem with dandruff and itchy scalp too and I'm having a severe shedding problem right now. I'm going to buy an Indian herbal hair oil which is supposed to calm down the scalp and a shampoo with neem next week. You might want to have a look at my blog to see what I'm talking about. I'd love to hear from you!

    1. Oh cool. I hear good things about Neem oil when it comes to working against dandruff/shedding/itching, although prepare yourself it is suppose to smell pretty badly.

      I checked out your blog, it looks really cool. I'm definitely following! :)


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