Friday, August 31, 2012

George Michael's Secrets for Beautiful Hair

Like I said before (Very long hair and Dr. George Michael.) I wanted to read this book. Since then I have read it and I have to say this book has been very informative, but kind of offensive. I found it to be slightly racist, sexist and ageist. In any event, I took some notes and I will share the information I found most interesting.

The next book I want to read about hair is either Curly Like Me or Curly Girl. We shall see.

- white hats in summer: to protect the hair against sun rays
- hats or (better yet) silk scarves in the winter: to protect hair against the cold and rain/humidity
- brushing and massaging upside down: when using a Boar Bristle Brush (BBB are to be used on already detangled hair to move natural oils down the length, THIS is the brush that you're suppose to use for 100 strokes a day, he recommends starting with 20 strokes and adding 10 a day until 100), or massaging your scalp you should have the head hanging, either by bending at the waist or by letting your head hang over the side of the bed, the point is to have your head under the heart line for better scalp circulation (image at the end of this entry)
- always be very gentle when massaging the scalp: whether it is during washing or in between washing, massaging should be very gentle, relaxing and pleasant, if you've ever had your hair washed at a salon you know exactly what I mean, the skin should not be assaulted or abused because it will result in hair loss, being gentle is key because it is very healthy for your scalp; also he says that your first shampoo should be extra gently massaged so that you don't rub dirt particles into the scalp, essentially scratching it
- scalp balance (weight): he talks a LOT about equilibrium, he claims that having your hair in any cut other way than a blunt cut (he mentions not to get bangs, layers, or any other type of uneven cut) causes your scalp to be out of balance (weight wise) and it causes it to shed because it is trying to adjust itself, he also says there are certain lengths which are in balance with the body, and any other length should only exist while growing your hair to the next optimal length (image at the end of this entry)
- cold rinse: he says that finishing your shower with a cold rinse of the hair will help it be softer, shinier and healthier
- non-detergent (studs) shampoo: the way he explains it is that any shampoo that makes a lot of studs is too stripping, that sounds a lot like stuff I read about sulfate shampoo, so basically recommends sulfate-free shampoo
- regular hair treatments: he says everyone should do at least 2 deep hair treatments a year (summer and winter), but ideally every 3 months (at the beginning of every new season), I'm pretty sure he was talking about deep conditioning treatments, the kind that you get and then go under a heating cap at salons (that's how he describes them, but he says the temperature should never be higher than body temperature)
- cutting hair while dry: he says it is better to cut the hair in its natural state
- use creme rinse when swimming: he says that creme rinses should be applied to the hair before swimming to protect it against chlorine or salt water, but he says that the best solution is not to get your hair wet by using a swim cap
- acidic scalp balance: skin is acidic and after washing your hair, an acidic rinse is necessary to balance your scalp acidity, this is especially important after using a solid shampoo, he recommends either vinegar or citric (lemon, lime) solutions diluted in water, about one tea spoon to an 8oz glass of water is the concentration I have found on websites
- heat-free styling: is what he recommends for getting curls and straight hair, but he says they should be done in a certain direction (image at the end of this entry)
- part hair to the right: he says that hair on the left is thinner and hair in the middle is not flattering, so hair should always be parted on the right side of the head
- don't pull your hair back tightly in an updo: because it causes a receding hairline/hair loss
- hormonal hair loss (men menopause): he says that hormonal imbalances can cause hair loss, such as menopause, and that men go through it too and that's when most men and women lose hair, he advises to consult a doctor that can help balance out the hormones and stop the hair fall
- acupuncture for hair loss: he says acupuncture can grow lost hair back even if was lost because of genes

How to brush hair:

Optimal lengths

How to do roller/pin curls


  1. What was racist, sexist, and ageist?? I've never read it, I'm just curious to know.

    1. You'd have to read it to see it, but it was written over 50 years ago so it shouldn't be any surprise.


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