Monday, August 20, 2012

Removing build-up from hair

There are two types of build-up: on top of the hair and inside the hair. It is important to know anything that touches your hair can cause build-up, even (soft water) water has minerals in it like chlorine. A good build-up removal should be done as soon as your hair starts acting differently with the same products or when changing products. I like removing build-up about every month or two. I wrote about this before here: Build-up: what, how you get it and how you get rid of it. but I wanted to write more about it, so here it is.

On top of the hair build-up can be something like silicone (found in many hair products) and it can be removed by clarifying. A clarifying shampoo will do the trick, and the word "clarifying" will be on it. I like Suave Daily Clarifying. You can avoid most of this build-up by checking the ingredients on your products and avoiding the most common culprits like silicone and protein.

Inside the hair build-up can be mineral caused by hard water, or swimming in pools and it can be removed by chelating. Even regular water can cause build-up over time because chlorine is used to kill bacteria in the water so it will be safe to drink and use. A good shampoo to use for this is one that says "chelating" on it. You can avoid this type of build-up by using a shower filter or distilled water to wash your hair and also by avoiding getting your hair wet in pools or the ocean, or any other kind of swimming water.

The good news is that there are shampoos that do both so you will only have to buy and use one shampoo. The most recommended for this is Joico K-PAK . It is vital to know that most shampoos do not do both and if you use a clarifying shampoo it will not chelate and vice versa a chelating shampoo will most likely not clarify your hair, so always look for both those magic words on the bottle.

Clarifying can be naturally done with Baking Soda and vinegar. This is how:
- one tea spoon of baking soda to one 8oz cup of water, mix until fully disolved
- apply mixture to hair
- rub well it into your scalp and length
- rinse it out
- one tea spoon of vinegar (NOT balsamic, Apple Cider Vinegar is very popular and White Vinegar works better for light colored hair) or (pure) Lemon Juice diluted: one half tea spoon to one 8oz cup of water
- pour it over your hair and scalp
- rub it well into your scalp and length
- rinse it out
- or you can just leave it on your hair

Chelating can be done naturally with:
Club soda rinses can remove calcium and magnezium build-up.
Citric Acid can remove hard water build-up.
Coconut Oil removed iron and copper build-up.
Vinegar and lemon juice rinse can remove calcium and magnesium build-up (most often found in hard water), one tea spoon of vinegar or a half a tea spoon of Lemon Juice to one cup of water should be enough.

Sources and more information: When to clarify hair and with what productsChelating (Maybe you don't need a trim.) and Can Effective Hair Care Be Simple And Inexpensive?


  1. Hey , thanks for that info and solution for removing build-up from hair you can use good hair shampoos also .

  2. You're welcome!
    Those products look alright, but they are way too pricey for me. I use cheaper alternatives.


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