Sunday, September 30, 2012

Curly Girl Method

Ok, I am FINALLY writing this out after reading the Curly Girl Handbook (3-4 weeks ago).
First I want to link the best curly/wavy hair resources:
Live Curly Live Free
Naturally Curly
Tightly Curly
The Natural Haven
Happy Girl Hair

My favorite quote from the book:
"More than just hair... it's an attitude"

From everything I read on curly hair here is the short version:
- Conditioner Only washes work best for curly/wavy hair
- hybrid wash works best for those with a scalp that doesn't react well to CO washes
- plop hair after washing
- use a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt to dry hair
- apply gel to the hair before plopping (if you so wish, I like aloe vera gel - the clear kind)
- use a diffuser if you blow dry (I advise against blow drying - it over-dries the hair leading to breakage and split ends)
- use a leave-in conditioner
- detangle the hair ONLY when it has conditioner in it
- never ever EVER comb or brush the hair while it is dry
- burn all the brushes you own (jk, but seriously if you use a brush on curly hair say hello to the biggest frizzy mess ever)
- do regular deep moisture treatments
- be ware of the protein versus moisture balance in your hair (too much or too little of either will cause your curls to rebel, too much moisture causes overly stretchy hair, too much protein causes lack of hair elasticity and dryness)
- be ware of environmental humidity
- say no to cones (they will weigh your hair down and lock moisture out, ingredients ending in "cone" like dimethicone)
- say no to sulfates (they over-dry the hair, especially Sodium lauryl sulfate - or SLS for short)
- oil may very well be your best friend (most use it as a pre-wash treatment, coconut oil being the best, Extra Virgin Olive Oil being second best, it can also be used as a leave-in conditioner)

Something cute and funny: The Woes Of Having Curly Hair

Well this was much shorter than I imagined, then again I linked everything. Curly hair may seem like its SO difficult to deal with, but in all honesty that is a cultural misconception. Everywhere you look you see things designed for straight hair, everything you're taught in main stream media is "curly=frizzy" and "straighten it" and "curly hair is so hard to care for". No it freaking isn't. It is just different from what the media is force-feeding us, frankly it's rather racist (the Curly Girl book suggests this and I agree). Curls are beautiful and wavy just means looser curls. So, embrace them because they are beautiful and so are you!

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