Monday, November 12, 2012

A day late anniversary of my chop. (pics)

I didn't do it yesterday because frankly I forgot. A year and a day ago my hair was 24.5 inches long and I chopped off all my layers which resulted in a 16 inch long bob. I honestly had trouble with messy braids and messy updos in general which were caused by my layers. Today my hair is 22.5 inches long, as it was before my most recent trim. I will do a full personal blog entry (at the end of this) but first photos!
(1. before the chop, 2. after the chop, 3. present - click on the pics to make them bigger)

I am VERY happy with the progress, my hair looks so much thicker now. I honestly can say two things: (1) I do not regret chopping and (2) I miss the length (especially the part where now I would be past hip without the trims). I know for a fact that my hair needed the trims and that my ends are happy and my hair/hemline is thick because I got them. That being said, having past hip length hair would be awesome! One day my hair will grow to that length, and when it does it will be layer and fringe free, and my hemline will be healthy and thick. That is really the way I want it to go.
In other news as you may or may not notice my hair is totally ok. It is no longer any type of dry and this is after being washed with shampoo bar and followed by an ACV rinse, no conditioner and no treatments. I even lost the weird flyaway/frizz I've been having for months. I'm not really sure how that happened.
It is possible that the neutrogena medicated shampoo (T-Gel Shampoo ) I've been testing out removed all the build-up since it is an SLS shampoo. I've been using T-Gel Shampoo to try and cure my itchiness/flakiness outbreak. I'm not really sure what to say about that experience. My scalp got VERY greasy because of the SLS, the itchiness went away at first, the flakes did not. The itchiness came back after a few uses. I wanted to finish the entire bottle, but I only got trough half the bottle, mostly because of the greasiness, but also because my hair started to shed more.
After I stopped using the T-Gel Shampoo shampoo my scalp calmed down and since I've been using shampoo bars again my flakes are disappearing more and more each wash. Today was my second wash and I can hardly see any flakes (I did do a few conditioner only washes, for a couple of weeks before the shampoo bars). My scalp is not itching at all either.
I have started to wash my hair twice a week. This has caused my shedding to increase a LOT, but only during washing. I went from shedding 15-30 hairs per wash to 50-100 hairs per wash. That really scares me. I know Neeli oil does this when I wash my hair less often than every other day but I don't wish to do that anymore.
In fact I have FINALLY stopped obsessing over my hair (after two years of over-obsessing). This is why I didn't update this blog for over a month and why I haven't taken any length photos in almost 3 months. It's kind of freeing. And my hair looks better, so maybe that's what it likes.
I haven't used henna in a few months because of the reaction I've been getting but I am considering cassia, maybe. I just don't feel like fussing over my hair anymore and cassia dries it out anyway; so what's the point?
Ah! Benign neglect how I've longed for you. Just washing then putting my hair up is heaven, no more treatments, no more coloring, no more freaking out. Speaking of freaking out, despite my increased shedding my thickness is doing well, that really puts my mind at ease.
I will update this blog more, it's just difficult with LHC being down. Oh yeah... LHC has been down for a while now, I'm not even sure how long. I honestly think I am addicted to it and having it not work is like forced therapy or something. If you clicked that link and it says "The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later." you are not alone! I read some rumors that the server is being updated and that's why this is happening but in all honesty I have no idea what is going on, I'm just glad I am not obsessing over hair and I hope this attitude continues if/when LHC is back up.
I have at least 4 blog entry subjects written down. I have some links saved up for these entries and I hope to write them about one a week. The question then comes: what will I write after? We shall see I guess. I wrote the list a long time ago and have been going through it one by one, while sometimes adding to it. The list is almost finished! It contains things about which I wish to learn more.
I was afraid that LHC might not be around or might not work and that I would have a panic attack over not finding information that I need. This is actually one of the reason most of my entries are article type entries, I NEED that information and want easy/reliable access to it. So you might say I am writing my own "book" on hair based on information I come across or I'm curious about seeing. It is very possible that once I am done with the list I will only write personal blog entries and very rarely informative article type entries (if something comes up that I didn't think of before).

I hope you're all having great days right now and that your futures hold lots of happiness. :)


  1. Wow, what a change. I think you did the right thing. The results are awesome. I'm no friend of fairy tail ends either. I get regular trims at the salon to keep my hemline straight.


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