Friday, December 14, 2012

December hair update.

I took a length photo over a week ago, my hair was about 23 inches long at that time.

My hair is now about 3-4 inches away from mid back length (MBL - the bottom of the horizontal bra strap). On me MBL is 26 inches long, but I'm thinking the waves might eat up some length, also I want it to be past the actual line before calling it. I'm really excited because MBL is the last milestone before waist length (my original length goal). Things are getting exciting length wise. 
I recently liquefied Neem and Tea Tree shampoo and started using it. So far I really like it. My scalp feels all tingly after I wash it, so it's doing something. The itchiness is at a minimum, it usually shows up on the third day after washing. This means that I have to wash my hair more often. This is no surprise, especially since Neeli oil only works when I use it every other day so I can't stretch my washes. Sigh. I'm never going to be able to stretch washes to once a week. My dream is dead. I do plan to start scalp only washes once my hair is long enough (maybe waist length, maybe mid back) and only wash my length every few weeks, but it's not set in stone, I'm going to play it by ear.
I've come to the realization that wooden hair toys are not for me, they break my hair and feel rough, even after I try to smooth them down. I also seem to have an aversion to hair combs, but since all of mine are wooden it could just be that. So lately I've been focusing on metal and bone hair sticks. I'm thinking about getting some metal hair combs (toys). I've also been looking into a bone comb with a handle (for detangling), I currently don't have one. They are easier to handle and I enjoy combing my hair. In fact the method I use to relax my brain enough to fall asleep is thinking about combing my hair while it is really long. It's quite a relaxing thought.
I haven't done any hair treatments lately, except for my usual pre-wash oiling and one cassia treatment which was really cool because it got rid of the stretchiness of too much oil, while coloring my white hair blonde and making it blend into my natural blonde highlights. Skipping henna has made my scalp feel really nice, no more soreness, no more flakes. My roots are growing more and more each month. As of right now I can see my natural hair color in the mirror, which is kind of cool, it definitely goes with my complexion better. I guess nature knows best after all.
To sum it up: I'm happy with my hair right now. I'm happy with my routine, the state of my hair/scalp and I'm just enjoying the journey. I heard about this part of it, when everything is calm, stable and there is no stress, but I was beginning to think it was a myth lol. I think I might finally stay with shampoo bars followed by ACV rinse, I've gotten it to work really well. Liquefying the shampoo bars works great when it comes to spreading it evenly on my hair, which also helps remove all the oil. Yay for a happy hair entry! I love those. 

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