Thursday, January 24, 2013

Must have hair tools.

Must have tools for hair:
- detangling: wide-tooth seamless comb (either made of wood or bone, NOT plastic), or you can use finger combing, it's just as it sounds, you use your fingers to detangle your hair. With finger combing you still have to start at the ends and work your way up the length. Remember the most important thing: be gentle, you don't want to break any hairs.
- moving sebum (natural scalp oil) down the length: Boar Bristle Brush (this is how) should only be used on detangled hair or alternatively you can run your fingers down the length starting at the roots (this is called preening), you must squeeze the hairs between your fingers to move the sebum, just be gentle.
- washing  can be done many different ways: there are natural alternatives, regular shampoo (although sulfate-free is better), and conditioner only.
- conditioning: natural alternativesoils, hot oil treatments, cassia, regular conditioner, aloe vera gel (this is how) , beer, natural sebum (produced by your own scalp, with a BBB or preening), honey (this is how) , ACV (this is how), cold water rinse.
- for deep conditioning or hot oil treatments a heat cap can be used
- a shower cap is great for keeping your hair dry while showering on non-hair-wash days, keeping your hair warm while doing a deep treatment, keeping hair treatments from drying while on the hair,  or keeping hair treatments from leaking
- hair toys: are needed to keep your hair up in buns or braids with minimal damage, and also to make your hair look pretty. Some of my favorites are: flexi8, ficcare, hair sticks, hair combs, hair ties without metal , scunci .
- scalp scrubs and scritching
- a clarifying and chelating shampoo or natural alternatives

Caring for your hair tools:
- It is important to wash your hair tools: hair toys and the like pick up things from your scalp and hair so they need to be cleaned just as your hair and scalp need to be cleaned. This is especially important if you have dandruff, because you can use a medicated shampoo to get rid of it, then you use a comb or toy which still has dandruff residue on it and BAM its back. This also applies to your hands, wash your hands before  and after doing scalp massages, scritching and/or preening.
- It is also important to oil all your wooden hair tools. This protects them against water damage.


  1. Thanks for reminding me, Adelina. I haven't oiled my wooden comb in a while. I use olive oil for that. *off to the bathroom I trod to do that* lol

  2. Hi Adelina, I think it sounds like we have similar hair. I just posted on naturally curly, are you a member there? I'd love to hear some of your advice re. my hair.

    1. I am not a member of that site, so I will write my response here:
      - CO is your best choice in washing method for both dry scalp and wavy/curly hair, to avoid build-up just pick something that doesn't have cones or to many ingredients, I personally like suave (clarifying or green apple) and V05 (clarifying or volumizing); you can also use a clarifying and a chelating shampoo whenever you feel build-up (I personally like Itely Chelating Treatment Shampoo, Suave daily clarifying and Joico K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo) you should definitely clarify AND chelate I'd do it once a month or as needed
      - if you want to get rid of the jet black look you could try color oops or color be4 (whatever is available in your area), but if you want to keep doing it I suggest you use BAQ henna/indigo (this website has some good options:, if you don't want to change your hair color products at all definitely soak your hair in pure extra virgin coconut oil, leave it on for 1 hour then color your hair on the still oiled hair (to avoid causing damage; the color won't suffer from it).
      - hairbands can be damaging I gave some examples of better hair toys in this entry if you want to check them out
      - if you want to try oils do NOT, I repeat do NOT buy anything other than food grade PURE oil, the stuff they market for hair is full of non-oil ingredients that you don't need; as a leave-in (very very lightly) Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great, Jojoba and pure mineral oil are also good but applied on wet hair (I wrote a few entries on oil and hair if you want to read more)
      - if you read any of my entries this is the one you should pay most attention to (it has all the do-s and don't-s for gentle hair care):
      I hope that helps and I hope your hair will grow as long as you want it! :)

  3. Hello!
    I agree with the comb and other hair tools, but I got tons of split ends from the boar brsitle brush. :(
    Did you see sth similar happening with your hair?
    Love, louisa :)

    1. No. But I hear that from fine haired folk sometimes. Fine hair requires more gentle handling and regular trims, so does hair that has been previously heat damaged or chemically colored/bleached.

  4. Thanks for the great info Adelina! :) I've never heard of scalp scrubs or scritching, I need to check those out!

    1. You're welcome! :)
      I'm glad my post helped you find something new.


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