Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finally made it to BSL! (Pics)

I know I haven't been updating my blog but I have one good reason and one good excuse lol. The reason is I started getting into this video game on which I spend all my free time. The excuse is I wrote pretty much everything I wanted to write about hair, there might be 3 or 4 more entries to come on the subject of hair care, but other than that I will probably just be doing updates about my own hair progress.
At this point I haven't used henna in 7 months (since September 9th 2012) and all I see in the mirror these days is my natural hair color because I keep my hair up. I've also been pretty much ignoring my hair. I still do  pre-wash oil treatments because my scalp isn't happy otherwise and I've been mostly doing CO washes, with a rare shampoo about once a month (I use Joico K-Pak to remove build-up), and I only do finger combing these days. I found my comb today when I looked for it so I can comb for the photo and it was broken, no idea how long it's been that way in my backpack lol.
Anywho enough talk, here are the pics:

I am now at 26 inches and waist is at 30 inches, this means that if my hair grows at an average of .5 inches per month I should reach waist in 8 months, however I do plan on trimming so it may be longer. I expect to be at waist by January to March 2014.

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