Monday, July 29, 2013

My hair is thicker!

Gaining thickness takes way longer than gaining length. I did not take photos for the first 2 or so years, but I did take one photo last year. And in the year that passed I gained noticeable thickness. I'm very excited to have some photographic record of it. In late 2010 I recorded my thickness to be 3 inches, in 2011 it was 2.5 inches, in 2012 it was a little over 3 inches and in 2013 it is now 3.5 inches. Gaining .5 inches in 3 years does not seem very lucrative but I am more than grateful for this. 
I was losing hair for a long time and panicked thinking I will lose all of it. I'm very happy to have found something that works. Neelibhringadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil has prevented my hair for shedding too much and castor oil has slowly made my hair thicker. It takes about 1 year for the new hairs to reach my ponytail and I do about 1 month of castor oil pre-wash treatments every year (massaged into my scalp and left on for one hour before washing). Neeli oil I use as a pre-wash treatment every time I wash my hair.
Here are the very happy pics!



In another .5 inches I will finally move into the "thick hair" category. That's where I was before my hair started to fall out. I miss it quite a bit.


  1. ohhh good idea to mesure this ! i will try !

    ( and i try to speak english, ahah )

    1. It's good to keep track.
      Hello! :)

  2. Hello Adelina,
    I have a question please when I want to oil my hair is it better to put it on scalp or hair ends to get benefit from it. I do not want my hair to be greasy

    Thanks a lot

    1. I put it on my scalp and coconut oil on my ends. But the Neeli oil goes on the scalp because that's where the rots are and to prevent shedding its where it needs to be used. Don't worry about greasy hair, you're suppose to wash it out after an hour.


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