Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September update

I had a 1 inch trim, so I have not gained much length this month.

As a bonus here is an older photo of me, where you can see my henna in sunlight:

I've received the Jamaican Black Castor Oil I ordered a while ago. There was some issue with shipping, but as soon as I contacted the seller they re-shipped and I received it soon after that. Castor oil slows down my growth rate so I only use it for one month every year.
I've bought a shampoo to try it out again. I was using this shampoo 3 years ago when I joined LHC, but it did not heal my itchy scalp so I started experimenting. Right now the CO isn't working so great for my hair in combination with coconut oil, so I want to try something new. The shampoo is called Organics Shampoo Red Raspberry .
I've lost my old camera. I bought a new one which is still a work in progress and I'm not really sure if I like or hate it yet. But I can definitely see a difference for the worse as of right now. It is a more expensive and supposedly better camera so I'm guessing it is user error. I'll have to work it out.
I checked my trim about 20 times so far, it is definitely even, but in this photo it doesn't look it, so I'm blaming it on my waves. I may retake it later and replace it.
Happy September everyone. :)

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