Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My hair favorites.

I recently had my 3 year LHC anniversary. It made me reflect on the things I learned since I found that site and what I found most useful.
The things I love most which I discovered through LHC:
- T-Gel shampoo which cleared out my dandruff so now my scalp is never itchy and miserable
- Coconut Oil pre-wash treatment which keeps my length from being dry
- Neelibhringadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil to prevent my hair from shedding too much
- henna to feed my addiction to coloring hair without damaging it
- sulfate-free shampoo to keep my scalp happy in stead of greasy like it was with SLS shampoo
- microfiber towel to make air drying much faster
- updos: new and wonderful updos to impress my family and friends lol
- rare self-trims which saved me money and allowed me to actually gain length
- scrunchies to replace my hair ties and prevent all the damage I was causing
- satin pillow case so I can wake up with hair that isnt tangly and doesn't make me look like I just ran through the woods for a few miles with my hair down
- bone wide tooth combs and detangling from the ends up: this alone made it so I never break my hairs. Between my tender scalp, the brush and detangling from the roots down it was a nightmare, it seriously made me not want long hair and it was the number one reason I had a pixie cut for 10 years straight (I wish it was a joke, but it's sadly true). This is the most important thing I learned at LHC and I am forever grateful for it.
Originally (when I joined LHC) my hair goal was waist length. Now I'm so close I can't believe it. Of course, I changed my goal to classic shortly after joining, I just didn't want to consider that my final goal because it seemed too far away (6 years) and it was discouraging to think about reaching it. Now, however, I am quite happy with my length, I no longer measure it every week or several times a week and I've settled into an easy routine that I consider benign neglect and that keeps my hair very happy. I pretty much ignore my hair most of the time, and no longer obsess over it. And if all goes well I should reach classic length in 2 years or less, which is much faster than I originally estimated (thanks to some tricks I learned along the way which increased my growth rate). That is now a goal I can live with.

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