Friday, November 15, 2013

I cut my hair!

I'll post the photo first then I will talk about what led me to this decision and what my plans are for the future.

On November 13th as I was leaving work I told my husband I really want to cut my hair to shoulder length. The weight of my hair got so bad that even with my hair in a braid my scalp hurt. I haven't been able to keep my hair in a bun for months. To be fully honest since I cut off the layers all buns were uncomfortable. It became difficult to wash my hair and wait for it to be dry, it just took too long and I ended up with wet hair for a day or so, which I am not ok with. At that point I thought about the last time I was happy with my hair and that was when I chopped off my layers, when it was shoulder length.
This cut isn't what I asked for or wanted, really. I asked for an above shoulder length straight across bob. This is an uneven, badly cut, 'kind of' an A line bob with very short bangs that were supposed to be side-swept bags. It is the result of my hair dresser cutting my hair off while in a ponytail, which I saw her keep. When I asked about it, she said she will donate it to locks of love. Which if you know anything about it, they are nothing but lying charlatans that NEVER give free wigs to anyone, and NEVER give wigs to cancer patients at all, not to mention their taxes proved they only use 2% of the donated hair for patients the rest going to wig makers or being thrown away (more info on that here). In short locks of love sucks badly and I hate them. BUT I wanted to cut my hair more than I hate L.O.L. and more than I hate this haircut too, so I just went with it (not to mention at that point my hair was already cut like this so there was nothing to do about it but accept it). It was only $20 anyway and I'll be able to fix it eventually.
One of the reasons I want to grow it out to (most likely) APL is because at that length I could cut it myself and not have to deal with crappy hair cutters like this one and pretty much any other one that ever touched my hair. I would also like to mention she used a blow drier on my hair that burned my scalp and made me flinch and cringe every time it got near my skin and she used thinning shears that were in such a bad need of getting sharpened that they got stuck in my hair when she used them. She then proceeded to tell me that in order for my haircut to look good I NEED to use a blow drier and a curling iron. Excuse you sweetie, but if you keep saying you love how healthy my hair is then ask me to fry it to death you're obviously delusional, not to mention the photo above clearly show it looks fine air dried. Since it waves by itself, all I need is to encourage the waves to go towards my neck at the ends by combing it a few times while it dries. Did I mention she combed my hair so aggressively that my entire scalp was red and then got flaky, she literally exfoliated my scalp while scratching it (its still a bit sore to be honest). It hurt a lot. I have a lot of hate for how I and my hair have been treated by 'stylists'. And before you think 'its because you paid $20, what do you expect from a cheap place like that' the same things always happened with my $180 cuts, I'd rather pay less to get what I don't want and be man handled.
On a happier note... As soon as the hair was cut off I felt so much lighter and just totally free. I don't think hair that long is for my sensitive scalp, nor for my very low maintenance way of life. I'm thinking shoulder to APL hair would be perfect for me. It wouldn't be too short to braid or too long to wear down, it would be super easy to wash, dry and henna. I'm really loving the idea of hair that short.
At this point in my journey I know everything I ever wanted to know about hair care, I know enough to keep it and my scalp healthy and happy. I also know what I want from it. I want it to be healthy (check), red (check), comfortable (check) and easy to handle (check). I do like long hair (as in not pixie cut and long enough to ponytail) and do want to keep it relatively long, but super long is not for me. I'm glad I know that, but I had to grow it long to find that out.
The truth is my hair didn't look good most days (it was either too frizzy/voluminous, too oily, too uneven in waviness or too something else that made it look not good) and I wore it down maybe 4 times total since BSL length. It wasn't making me happy for a long time, I just really wanted long hair. Maybe I just wanted it long because of LHC; it has a way to promote long hair that influenced me to want longer and longer hair. But I make my own decisions and this is what makes me happy.
I will keep this blog going though, I have other entries to write. Speaking of which I recently tried to color my hair with Loreal and I was SUPER scared to try it out. I used some shed hairs to test it out first and found out that the color did not change at all (the hair did get super dry and rough from it though). I'm thinking it's because of henna. I guess in order to get that color I would have to remove the henna first then color it with this dye. But, I really love henna, I love how it makes my hair feel and look. So I choose henna over the color I want (I did a full henna just before this photo was taken today). I may do a black manic panic over it maybe even try a red manic panic to see if that helps.
Other than that I've really enjoyed having my hair down all the time, something I was not able to do because it annoys me when its longer than APL. And as soon as the back part of my hair reaches shoulder length or so, I will go and try to get it evened out (hopefully at least the shape will be right this time, I can only hope lol). I may even get some layers put in. I'm so excited, I feel like I can just do anything to my hair right now, I feel truly free, like I was a prisoner of my long hair care routine. I always tried really hard to do only the very best for it so it would look good as it grows, now I'm carefree and don't care that much at all.
I'm very happy with my choice. :)


  1. Aw, I feel sad, but I suppose long hair isn't for everyone. I can understand how caring for it can get to you after a while. Though I'm glad that you're happy with your choice and that it was a freeing experience. I remember before I started growing out my hair it always felt really nice to just have it all cut off! (Albeit, I have had many bad salon experiences too.)
    Even though your journey has lead you to this point, I know that your blog has helped me a lot with reaching waist length (And hopefully beyond.) and I thank you so very much for that. ^-^

    1. I'm really glad I could help. Thank you for the kind comment! :)

  2. I guess I am not the only one that hates going to the salon. My last visit sounds very similar to yours. Burned scalp, rude treatment and rough handling but mine cost $65. I am growing mine out and it is not quite as long as yours was before the chop. My goal is to grow mine to my hips. My boyfriend has been very supportive. He has been cutting mine now for awhile. He doesn't yank my hair, jerk my head around and he trims off about a 1/4 inch every three months when I ask him to. The price is right as well. The stylist who kept your ponytail and said she was going to send it to locks of love most likely did not. She saw it as an opportunity to make some money selling it for hair extensions. You should have taken it with you.


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