Monday, November 4, 2013

November update.

I have now hit waist!!! Yay! Reaching my original goal is truly wonderful. I can't even right now. Here is the photo:

The shampoo stopped working well after a while. My scalp really hated it. Its sad but whatever. I went back to CO and it works great. I figure my hair gets saturated with oil then it looks over-oiled after a while so I need to use shampoo a few times to balance it out again. But that's good news in a way, because now I get to use my many conditioner bottles.
I never thought I'd reach waist so quickly, or maybe I'm just not ready, I don't know. I am glad it happened though. I like my hair as it is and I would like it to be longer too. I'm still not sure how long, for now I want more.
Today I have found actual knots in my hair, this is very rare. The truth is my hair was not fully dry when I combed it so that could be the cause. Or maybe its because my hair is longer. I'm probably just being paranoid.
I bought some hair stuff recently: Scalp Massager (which arrived and feels great!) and Rhassoul Clay Powder (which went to my former address and I wont get for a while). I also ordered Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Pearl Essence Creme Rinse from MorroccoMethod. This was an impulse buy which set me back about $50. I have not even used any of them yet because I am waiting for my scalp to go back to normal. I think I may have a hair product buying problem.
My hair is about 30 inches long right now, hip should be about 32 inches, so that will come soon (4 months or so). I'm excited. Classic is 41 inches so that will take about 2 years with trims. Maybe my hair will surprise me again, finger crossed.
Hope you had a nice Halloween if you celebrate it.


  1. You're hair looks awesome! Good job. ;-)

  2. Your hair looks awesome, the 1st picture you put NOV 13, 2013, then your waist picture it says NOV 4th 2013? I'm confused your hair can't grow that fast in a month! Or if it's a year you should reach your goal in a little over a year. I go to a special salon for just long hair in Beverly Hills and only use long hair products I want my hair to my tailbone. I have at least 1-2 years and I will reach my goal. We are exactly the same length. It should be interesting if your salon or mine with long hair products will get us 1 st. I have it 1 length so it grows faster. Look up george michael of Beverly Hills and google pictures of girl with very long hair under images. I just want mine to grow faster. Good luck to both of us, nothing beats a real head of hair, not extensions. I'll keep watching your post. Take a picture every 4 months so I can see your progress. I just want to see if this salon really makes a difference or how it is cared for, thanks, Sarah

    1. If you look at the Growth Journey tab ( on top you will see how much my hair grows, its about average .5 inches a month, sometimes 1 inch a month if I really do what I'm suppose to do. There are things you can do on a daily basis to increase your hair growth. If you read the George Michael book Secrets For Beautiful Hair you will see some of the things I used to get faster hair growth. I also wrote an entry on faster hair growth ( and on the George Michael book ( if you want to take a look at those for more info.


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