Thursday, December 19, 2013

December update.

It's been a while. The truth is my hair didn't look so good for a while. I stopped pre-wash oiling and have been experimenting with some of the old sulfate free shampoos I've tried before and the new one I recently bought. Well it turns out that the best method is still CO, I've used Vo5 Moisture Milk Conditioner Strawberries and Cream for this photo and it feels great. I also didn't try to style it at all, just let it do whatever it wants.

I attempted CO a few times in the last month and a half or so, but failed to make it work properly. This is probably because I figured my hair would be easier to clean without pre-wash oiling so I didn't go through all the steps properly. It turns out I still have to do all the steps, go figure lol. Anywho it works great if I do it properly, not just for my length but also for my scalp. I guess no matter what I try, CO is the best for my hair, I just need to accept it.
In other news I've avoided using henna since the last update and I guess I'm going to give my natural hair color one more try. This time I don't have a bunch of length I can't lose keeping me back anymore, so maybe it will be different. I really only gave up on my natural hair color back in 2010 because of the dandruff issues I used to have. Now that reason no longer applies, so hopefully I can grow to accept my white hairs, seeing as I'm getting older and older and I feel like they aren't so bad anymore.
Now for a review of the Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Pearl Essence Creme Rinse from MorroccoMethod. I don't like them. The shampoo didn't clean my hair, and it smells weird. The conditioner made my hair gummy and sticky and also smells weird. I'm definitely not using them again. waste of money sigh.
I also ordered a shampoo bar from chagrin valley called Ayurvedic Herb, this is a bar I've used and loved before. This time it was a different color and made me shed a lot. To be fair my hair has been shedding a lot since I stopped using Neeli oil so it may just be that. I emailed them thinking they got the order wrong, since the bar looks different. Someone replied and said a difference in temperature at processing makes it so the bars don't always come out the same color. That's weird because I ordered my first bar in the winter and it was dark grey not this light tan that it is now. But whatevers, the ACV smell stays with me after drying and I hate it so I don't want to use shampoo bars because of this and tea rinses take too long to prepare.
In other news I'm currently trying the paleo diet for my health. After LHaH had such great success with it I wanted to give it a try. So far so good, but I'm doing it gradually, it's a tough diet for me to keep harder than vegan to be honest.  But I do feel great, it has gotten rid of my constant bloating and it gives me a LOT of energy. 


  1. Adelina, do you cut your hair again? I hope you grow again your hair!

    1. Yes I did and I might let it grow again.


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