Friday, January 3, 2014

A brand new year!

Happy new year!
On New Year's day I was working and after that I took some time to celebrate my b-day, which is tomorrow on January 4th. But I work on the 4th so I celebrated it early (Hi Elaine, you silent reader you, comment sometimes :P). This is a new year for my hair. I am doing things very differently. But first photos:

I recently bought a new sulfate free shampoo because the V05 gave me buildup and that sucked, especially for my very sensitive scalp. I also chose a new conditioner to try out, just for fun. The shampoo is CVS Argan Oil Renewing Shampoo it is satisfying so far and 2-4 dollars cheaper than the brand version of this. The conditioner is Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Conditioner. so far I love them both, but I have to give my scalp a month to tell me if it hates or loves it. 
My shedding is at a high rate compared to when I was using Neeli oil but I am not noticing thinness. This made me want to measure it... big mistake. Now keep in mind I currently have bangs and layers in my hair, also not all my hair fits in the ponytail, so this isn't the most accurate measure (you can see hair coming out of my ponytail on the sides).

Compare that to the last measurement on Neeli oil:

I found that I had to use it for at least one hour before washing, every other day or every day. When I used it less than every other day it didn't work. Also I never finished one bottle, it goes rancid pretty easily. I would say my bottles lasted about 6-8 months before going bad. When they go bad they crystallize and smell worse than normal. I have a fuller account of my experience with neeli oil in journal entries. Here are some links to that:
My hair is thicker!
Finally at APL! (third paragraph down)
Cortizone, cocoa butter and organic Neelibhringadi oil updates.
Organic Neelibhringadi Oil
How to grow your hair faster and/or thicker. (other options for thicker hair)
Either way it seems my hair is getting thinner... again. This time I don't care. I got my hair to be thicker last time and my scalp hurt from the weight, so maybe my hair isn't suppose to be that thick. If I actually see thinning hair signs (like my scalp for example) at least I know there is a way for me to get thickness back.
In other news I'm letting my waves be free because that is their natural state and my new hair theme (since the chop) is freedom. I took a side photo to show how the haircut was fixed. I think I'm going to let it grow to shoulder then add some more layers in.
The paleo diet is working, it made me lose almost 10 lbs. But I am having the worse time keeping it so I keep gaining weight back. Ugh, I hate being addicted to sugar and grains, but maybe the new year will give me new strength lol. I also noticed I am not bloated at all when I actually keep the diet. The last time that happened was a very long time ago. One cheat meal a day is not working for me. I need to make it one cheat meal a week, because I end up just not keeping the diet at all.
Hope the new year brings you all lots of happiness and fortune!


  1. Adelina, good to see the update pics. I've been using Neeli oil from another brand didn't help with my shedding at all. Yesterday I ordered from USAhenna. You had written to me on LHC about that oil. Hope that oil helps to reduce my hair fall.
    Paleo diet sounds good, but I don't think I would be able to follow that. Good Luck to you!

    1. I hope it works for you as it worked for me!

    2. Many many happy returns of the day! Have a wonderful day and a great year ahead!
      Just read your blog again and realized that I forgot to wish you as it is your b'day today.

  2. So, did you say Neeli oil actually helped thicken your hair? I can't seem to find where you talked about that in detail. What did you do to it that it helped thicken it?

    1. Yes it did, I edited the entry above to include the 11 entries where I talk about my progress with Neeli oil since the very day I bought my first bottle.

    2. All the links to those entries will be in blue.


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