Sunday, February 9, 2014

February update

So I cut my hair again. This time I wanted it to be totally uneven. I have had 2 cuts since the last entry. I am fully aware that I have a problem with that, I had to do 3 'no trims for a year' challenges in order to gain any length the last time. The haircut looks awesome, in the mirror, but apparently in the back its a different story. My hubby says its because of the way it curled and I believe him, because when I feel it out it doesn't feel the way it looks in this photos.

I think its high time to do another no trims challenge. I also had my hair colored dark brown to tone down the henna as I'm growing it out (for the billionth time). My bangs are now cheek length which is cool, they no longer give me any trouble. 
I feel like I had some fun with my hair for the past few months and it was nice, but I miss being able to put it in any updo at all. I guess this is the part where I would regret cutting my hair, but I don't. I think I hated it because I tried so hard to treat it perfectly that I ended up hating it with all my heart and wanted it gone. I'm not doing that again, this time around I don't care so much. 
That reminds me! My hair stylist said that my hair is fine! I can't believe it. *shurg* I don't know maybe it is. Not that it matters, really. 
Lately I've gone back to shampoo bars (CV Ayurvedic Herb), followed by a lemon juice rinse (one tea spoon lemon juice to one cup of water, let it sit for 3 min then rinse out).
I guess the growth journey starts again. No goals this time, just enjoying my hair as it is and as it grows. I plan to not trim for 6 months, after that I may cut it differently or I may even it out, who knows? The sky is the limit. Freeeeeeedom! lol

----My no trims challenge lasted 3 days, then I corrected the back of my hair. Now I can let it grow without issues. And I will try for 1 year. I never last more than 8 months but I'll try for a year again. Here is closer before and after.


  1. Haircut looks good, Adelina! I can totally understand the freedom you are talking about. All these years I had short hair, never bothered about anything else except styling it. And ever since I decided to grow my hair I am totally obsessed with the condition, shedding etc. I tend to spend a lot too on oils, shampoos, conditioners. At times i think it's so much easier to maintain short hair. Anyway, enjoy the Freedom!

    1. I know exactly what you mean. Thank you for the comforting comment! :)

  2. Adelina, when your 1 year without trims finished, what's the length that you are waiting for?
    Good luck, greetings from Argentine!

    1. If it has average growth it should be about shoulder length, if its faster longer maybe APL.


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