Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring is here.

And my hair keeps growing. A few things happened in the last month but first the photo.

I think that part of the whole 'freedom' theme with my hair will be that I wont try to make my hair photos looks nicer than my hair looks on a regular. So this is what it looked like today.
I started my scalp massages and boar bristle brushing bent at the waist again. It's been over a year since I did that and my scalp loves/hates it. It's getting way greasier way faster but that's just the adjustment period I'm sure, its been doing that less and less over the past month. I started it because I want my hair to grow faster while I actively grow it but I now think it may have been helpful with the scalp pain I was feeling when I cut off my hair. Who knows?
My dandruff is back. At first it was just my scalp being exfoliated by the brushing but now its all itchy and flaky all the time. I guess that means I am due for another T-gel shampoo month, like the one which stopped my dandruff in the first place. I thought this would happen, I'm just glad it took 2 years to get here because 2 years of no scalp problems are better than I had hoped for.
I recently bought 2 new boar bristle brushes and two new combs. Only one of the combs arrived, the other one didn't and the seller on etsy emailed me saying it was returned to them because of some issue with the post office. *shurg*
These are the brushes and the comb which arrived:

(more photos here: JJJ long hair)

I love them all so far the comb is super great because the teeth are rounded off at the ends so it slides over my scalp not scratching it as my last comb used to do. The Madora brush is rounded to fit the scalp so it really touches all the surface that is possible unlike most brushes that only touch with the middle because it sticks out. The Madora BBB does tend to shed though, I didn't really expect that considering the price and the things I heard of their products. The Paddle brush is ok too but I much prefer the Madora BBB.
That's about all that happened with my hair in the past month. 

If you get a chance and it may interest you check out Can you really wash your hair with bentonite or rhassoul clay: A science experiment and Does co-washing really clean your hair? A scientific experiment! they are really interesting entries of someone I follow. 
Have a great spring! :)

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