Saturday, April 5, 2014

April is here.

March was pretty uneventful hair wise. Here is a photo of the progress.

I am almost finished with the T-gel shampoo, I may have one or two washes left with it. My scalp is doing alright so T-gel did its magic once again. I am really looking forward to having a healthy scalp and not having to worry about the horrible T-gel shampoo smell.
I have not trimmed my hair since I decided to take on the no trim challenge. Some days are harder than others, today is one of those days. I woke up thinking I want my hair to be evened out and I should just get one little trim. Then I saw the photo I took of my hair today and weirdly thought it would look better if I evened it out, although its only the random waves that make it truly uneven. I have a problem with compulsive trimming I know this. I think I'm going to do a hair treatment today to take my mind off it. Heck I may go to a salon and do it, I do have a coupon for a hair treatment.
One thing I am REALLY loving is that my hair does not look red in the slightest. This makes it super easy to grow out the henna. I can barely see any roots growing in and I can't really tell how long they really are. They blend perfectly with the demi-dye.
I have straightened my hair maybe twice this past month, mostly because of being lazy but also because I didn't really care. The longer my hair gets the easier it is to ignore it. I forgot how low maintenance long hair is, even though its only been months since my hair was waist length. 
I keep wanting to do something cool with my hair, like wear a pretty hair clip or any hair clip, or do anything other than wake up, comb and go. But I always end up being too afraid to do it. Like wearing a plain black hair clip to keep my bangs out of my face it a huge freaking risk. I don't know, I need to stop being afraid of taking risks.


  1. Your hair looks very good but i miss your long hair. Will you cut it shorter? Or use an a line bob. Or grow to a long style and after that cut it off!

    1. I don't know for sure. Right now I want it longer so I'm growing it.

  2. I really enjoy reading your page. You have beautiful hair...

    1. Aww thank you! You're very sweet to say that. :)


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