Sunday, May 18, 2014

Late May entry.

I'm a little late with this entry because of stuff in my personal life. I did however post this length photo (on time) in my 'Length photos 2014 - present' tab:

Mind you this is after my hair was blow dried AND flat ironed. I use low heat settings so that may be why it didn't really work. *shurg*
I did manage my very first updo, despite my many and quite short layers. It is a caterpillar french 'braid'. I can't tell you how nice it feels to be able to put my hair up, especially after all the length photos I've been taking lately. My hair hasn't exactly been shampoo commercial hair as of late. Here is a photo of my updo:

It's not great but it keeps the hair off my face and keeps me cool in the ever warming weather we've been having in California lately.
I really enjoyed the waves I got from this updo as well. I took a photo while on my computer one day, so it's at an odd angle and I am wearing headphones:

In other news I've been using a new shampoo bar the CV Soap Nuts Citrus Mint bar. It cleans really well and I enjoy it. I follow it up with a lemon rinse these days (half a tea spoon of lemon juice to 8oz of water) because the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse was not satisfying, my hair smelled like vinegar even when I rinsed my hair with water after using it and even after it dried. The smell was inescapable and gross to be honest. Lemon smell is not so bad.
My scalp has been acting a bit weird every now and then, not sure why but I hope its not the shampoo. All and all I am happy about my hair's condition. 
I did fail the no trims challenge. I was sick of my hair feeling weird so I went in for a trim. Before the trim my hair measured at 16 inches, after the trim it was 14-15. It's hard to measure when it's this short. Anyway I set myself back and I know it. Nothing I can do about it now. I do feel better about how it looks and every trim I get brings me that much closer to getting rid of henna. 
Speaking of henna, I can see it now in photos which means the demi dye that is brown is no longer on my hair. I can also see some roots growing in which is no surprise considering its has been 6 months since my last henna. I should have about 3 inches of roots by now. Of course on top it looks more like 1-2 inches. Here is a photo that kind of shows the roots:

I think that managing to actually quit all hair coloring would be my greatest challenge. Between my compulsive trimming and hair coloring it feels like a constant uphill battle. 
I did stop the scalp massages. It wasn't really on purpose, although they do make my scalp super greasy, but I haven't been feeling quite well lately. Maybe once I get my energy back I will be able to resume them.
My hair today is at 16 inches once again. If I can manage to stop trimming so often I should actually start to see some length gain. To be fully honest I miss nothing more than braids and buns. Braids and buns are the easiest and most comfortable way to make my hair look neat and to keep it off my face/neck. 
That's about all I have for this entry.


  1. Thank you for the caterpillar updo idea! You look wonderful.

    I'm on a grow-out path and didn't know what to do when I could no longer do a "fake" updo with bobby pins alone (by pinning and pulling back all hair). I was frustrated about pins no longer being able to hold my hair up but also knew I could not do a ponytail. Multiple ties in this caterpillar style just might work! Thank you! Beautiful hair. Happy growing!

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad it worked. Happy growing!


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