Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Coffee brought me back!

It has been a long time since I read about something new when it comes to hair, well new to me anyway. Today I saw a new thread on LHC Hair Growth Experiments Worked- 2.5" growth last month which caught my eye and I decided to read it. It in I found an article: Coffee Hair Growth Benefits. Between reading the two... well lets just say I have coffee on my scalp as I am typing this. Here is the low down: use coffee or caffeine on your scalp for at least 2 minutes, once a week and your hair growth will increase by 46%. I will work my way through  Official Caffeine Rinse Thread! today and probably add to this entry as I go.

I also added a paragraph to my How to grow your hair faster and/or thicker. entry: "Coffee/Caffeine stimulates blood flow to the roots and blocks "the effects of a chemical known as DHT which damages hair follicles and is thought to cause Male Pattern Baldness". It is said to increase growth by 46% and the life cycle of the hair (how long a single strand stays attached to your head before naturally shedding) by 33%-40% (an increase in life of the strand implies longer terminal length and less shedding). These effects are likely caused by caffeine, so caffeinated teas or caffeine tablets can also be used. Note that these effects refer to application on the scalp NOT drinking or ingesting it. It can be used as a rinse or in shampoo/conditioner. Applications needs to be at least 2 minutes long (for absorption) before rinsing/washing out and the effects should last about a week before needing reapplication. Coffee has a strong possibility of darkening the hair, especially if applied to light colored hair (blond, silver, light brown) so a good option if you want to avoid hair darkening would be caffeine pills. Also read  Official Caffeine Rinse Thread! for more information. Note that dilution is VERY important: one 100 mg caffeine pill diluted in 10 liters of water or one table spoon of pre-made coffee to one cup of water is the desired concentration."

Notes from the Caffeine thread:
- best used on clean hair
- coffee will temporary stain light colored hair (until it is washed out by 1-2 shampooing
- leave on for 15-30 minutes for optimal benefits
- do not use before bed time for it still works as a stimulant and will prevent sleep
- white, green, or oolong teas will not stain and thus are especially suggested for light hair
- may dry out your hair so its best to use before conditioning
- caffeine left on the scalp for too long can have the opposite effect and slow down growing, do NOT exceed 30 min and do NOT apply more than once a week
- drinking it wont have the same effect, it takes about 60 cups a day to near the same effect as applying it on your scalp; side note DO NOT drink that many cups of coffee a day
- may cause head aches, dizziness, and other such effects associated with caffeine to those sensitive to caffeine, or if you already consume a lot of caffeine you may overdose and get the head aches and dizziness
- oils and conditioners may not be a good way to get it delivered to the scalp because they can clog the pores and caffeine needs to have access to open pores
- when using caffeine pills they must be VERY diluted to avoid caffeine overdoes, one 100 mg caffeine pill dissolved in 10 liters of water is the optimal concentration; or one table spoon of pre-made coffee diluted in one cup of water

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