Monday, February 9, 2015

Shoulder length again, yay!

I lost my camera so I have a poor quality photo to show my length. I washed my hair today so the waves are in full force which is nice to see.

I am using T-Sal for my scalp because my dandruff is acting up and causing extra shedding. So far it's working great. I also started doing AVG rinses post wash which is making my hair shinny. That's something I never noticed before because henna maximizes shine.


  1. We miss you Adelina! How long is your hair now?

  2. Hi there! I post monthly length photos in the Current Hair Journey section.

  3. I saw the photos after you answer my question, i'm very happy with your progress, you have intentions to grow as much as before the cut from waist length to shoulder length? Right now is very pretty your hair, congratulations!

    1. I plan to grow longer. Thank you! :)

  4. Good luck growing your hair longer :)


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