Friday, November 13, 2015

New toys.

I love, love, love, LOVE wearing my hair up. When its down it annoys me, tickles my skin, feels like I have bugs on me, etc. I just don't like it. I can honestly say that I haven't impulsively bought hair stuff in a long time, but today I did. I decided to try out a regular hair brush because I miss the massage it comes with and figured I could detanlge with a wide tooth comb then just use the brush for fun, because I like the feeling. Anyway I bought so many hair toys(on top of 3 brushes) that the cashier was like 'are you buying these for a gift basket'.
I'll get to the brushes later, now I want to discuss how freaking awesome my head feels. In the past idk EVER my scalp hurt from having my hair up (ponytail, braid, bun), but I hate it down, so I ended up being uncomfortable a lot of the time. Well among the many things I bought today most of them were claw clips. I don't think I ever really wore them on a daily basis anytime recently (maybe in high school) so I decided to give them another try. Well... let me tell you... I have never felt more comfortable. My hair is a a french twist held by one of these. I haven't even been able to MAKE a french twist with anything else because my hair is so short, and whenever I attempted I'd shed hair and cause myself pain.
I kind of want to smack myself on the forehead. OF COURSE claw clips were the answer. Two lovely ladies I follow (lady nr 1 and lady nr 2) use them on their hair and have super long hair, like ankle length hair. If it's good enough to keep that much hair in place without causing discomfort of course it would work for my tiny length. After I told my husband about 5 or 20 times how comfortable I feel I decided to write an entry on it. Seriously, these are the best toys I've used so far for my my updos.
I also bought these brushes and a comb. Love those. I got another brush but I really don't like it so I won't post it, it hurts my scalp (scratches it).


  1. Adelina, would you use this toys with a very length?? I hope you let your hair grow a lot!!


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