Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring is here.

I'm so happy to feel the spring heat, its been so long. Anywho...
Recently I trimmed my hair. My layers are so uneven it's driving me crazy so I started to clean them up. I used the hair cutting tools for my face framing layers, they worked great, however I ended up cutting more than I expected because those layers were all over the place. Then I wanted to even up my other layers and saw I would cut off over 2 inches in some areas, so I'm holding off on that front as of right now. I did trim my ends to even them up and gave myself a straight across hemline, I cut off about a half an inch.

Last night I started taking photos the way I usually do and it just didn't seem right. My length seemed to be longer than it actually is, so I decided to take a mirror photo with my cellphone. After several tries I got a semi clear photo and my hair is about one inch away from APL. While taking photos this way is still a learning process at least I can see my actual length which is my main concern.

A few weeks ago I decided to try out something new. It bothered me that I have to use the smoothing cream and finishing spray to avoid frizz. My shampoo is super thick, it's like gel, so I decided to dilute it with water so I don't overuse shampoo. I also decided to only apply shampoo to my scalp, massage it in and then rinse it out. This way it gets through my length a lot less, leaving some coconut oil in there from the pre-wash oiling. I have to say I really like the results. My hair behaves and I don't need to use any leave-in products.

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