Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Back on track with natural hair care.

Since the last entry was all pros I decided to think about the cons and write them out. Since I basically decided against coloring already I hope that I can return the stuff I bought, they cost me about $130 (yes really, I buy in bulk) and if I'm not going to use them I may as well get my money back.
Losing curl is a huge con for me. I just got to the point where I know how to bring them out and make them look nice. Henna changed my texture, straightening out my waves and weighing down my strands.
Growing out the color and two toned hair is the biggest con for me. Now there might not even be a visible color difference but I just can't risk it. I have spent literal years growing out two toned hair and I just can't do that anymore.
Getting bored with it is the final nail in the coffin for me. I colored my hair with manic panic raven black earlier this year and I was bored with the color in less than a month. The truth is I am used to my natural hair color and finally don't hate it, I really don't want to mess with it like that anymore.
Part of my natural hair journey is embracing it as is, color is half of it, texture is the other half. I really got sidetracked off my natural hair journey the past year or so, but I feel motivated to try going down that road again.
I still have tons of black soap bars and plenty of oils to use. I am missing aloe vera gel and acv right now. Although I hate the smell of acv and lemon juice is much better anyway, so maybe I will just buy some lemon juice and use that in stead, it's my preferred method.
Since I've embraced my texture and got layers to have my hair look the way I want it to when I wear it down, I will have to find some aloe vera gel. Leave-ins are a must have for pretty waves. I've also been looking at ways to define the curls better without any frizz and twirling one section at a time while the hair is still wet and already has the leave-ins applied seems to be a great way to do that.
It kind of breaks my heart that I spent so much money buying redken products that I may never use now. I bought a bottle of shampoo and conditioner and I haven't even started to use them yet. I still have 20% of the old ones I've been using and I may never finish those either.
I've recently come to the conclusion that I have a buying beauty products problem. I buy them, usually in bulk, spending a whole lot of money and then I either use them a bit and then never touch them again or (for the most part) never use them at all. I may as well burn that money because that's what it feels like I'm doing anyway.
A couple of years ago I went through my considerable stash of hair products and just gave them all away to people on LHC because I wasn't using them and it's better than throwing them out. Maybe it is time for another round of this. I just have too much crap I don't ever use, things that have been sitting around for years that have never once touched my hair (hair toys, shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments, etc.). I just hope I can muster up the energy to do this.
Note to self: stop buying new hair products! just finish the ones you have before even considering buying something new!!!
Now I want to write out a plan for my new/old routine.
I will never give up my coconut oil for my pre-wash conditioning, everything else has to work with it, it is not going away, ever.
I used to wash my hair with black soap (which works great for me and works great with coconut oil) and that is a keeper. My cleanser of choice will remain black soap, I'm glad I still have like 6 bars of it, that's enough for like 4 years if not more lol.
I love lemon juice rinse after the soap so that is something I will also keep from all my past experiences. It helps define my waves, lowers frizz and doesn't smell bad (unlike ACV).
Now when it comes to leave-ins I want to find a good oil that won't interfere with the coconut oil absorption. I strongly considered mineral oil as my post-wash oil, but after some email exchanges with khtani (which I trust on this subject) it turns out that mineral oil may block coconut oil absorption. So if I use mineral oil as post wash, when it comes time for my next wash, coconut oil won't work as a pre-wash oil anymore. Like I said coconut oil stays no matter what I have to find a way to work around it. However, if mineral oil blocks it, then any coating oil will block it. This means my choices will have to be penetrating oils, and in that category castor oil and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) are my top choices because I already have them and I like how they interact with my hair and scalp.
I've also been reading about rinse-out oil which is used kind of like regular conditioner, you apply it after cleansing your hair then you rinse it off. Now in my mind water is not enough to get oil off the hair so I'm not sure how this will work. However, I do like the idea of using penetrating oils in combination with warmth (of the water) to help it penetrate the hair shaft better. I will have to test this out to see how it goes before I decide if I want to use oil as a rinse out or just leave-in.
I have not regularly used aloe vera gel and frankly I'm kind of scared to. It a humectant and I don't live in a humid area so I don't want it to dry out my hair. But being scared shouldn't be a determining factor, I can always just wash it out of my hair it I don't like the effect so I'm going to go ahead and add it as a leave-in as soon as I buy it.
I will have to do a little shopping but as of right now this is what my hair routine is suppose to start looking like:
- coconut oil prewash treatment
- black soap as cleanser (followed by)
- lemon juice rinse (half a tea spoon for every 8 oz water)
- EVOO and/or castor oil (post wash leave-in or as a rinse-out oil)
- aloe vera gel for styling
To be able to do this I will need to buy some lemon juice and aloe vera gel. I may do that today. My wash day isn't for another day or two and I was going to do a clarifying/chelating double feature anyway because I finished using the T-gel shampoo and my scalp is healthy again. So it is time to go back to a regular hair routine in stead of a treating a SD (seborrheic dermatitis; aka dandruff) flare-up routine.

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