Friday, July 1, 2016

Cinnabun and henna?

Today I was able to do a cinnabun with my favorite hair fork. I'm so happy my hair is finally long enough to do this. I missed my hair toys. It's messy, but stable so I'm happy.

Now the second part of this entry's title says "henna?". The question mark is there because I'm still questioning doing it. I don't know how my scalp will react to it considering last time I tried henna it gave me wounds on my scalp. Also I fear two toned hair, I don't think I can handle it.
Today I bought Lush Caca Brun it is a henna/indigo mix that is suppose to give hair the color dark brown. Now my hair is already dark brown so I'm just looking for the beneficial henna effects and hoping for some grey coverage. I've been reading blogs/forums and watching youtube videos on this for the past couple of days.
Most say it doesn't cover grays, but I don't believe they used it properly, to be honest. Indigo dye demises within one hour of being mixed with a liquid so the application has to be immediate. Also it doesn't do well with hot water/tea/whatever and the instructions say to mix caca brun with 'boiling' water, well there you go, you killed the indigo right there and are left with the amla which makes brown when mixed with henna but washes out pretty much immediately.
Others say that the brown faded and they were left with henna orange/red. I know that indigo doesn't stick to hair easily and it takes several applications until it stops washing out, so that's not a problem. Once it sticks, you can't remove it, just like henna. Also some of them used it on chemically dyed or bleached hair which is very porous and lacks proper protein that means the color will bleed out. In that case you'd have to do a protein treatment then straight up BAQ henna a few times and then once the henna sticks properly you can use caca brun and expect it to actually stick.
Since all the complaints I read/heard seem like user error I think everything will go well.
The reason I chose this particular henna and not pure henna and indigo then making my own mix is Habioku. As far as I remember (its been a few years) she used this type of henna for her glosses and I have never seen any hint of red in her hair. I really don't want a hint of red in my hair. Now on her site it says she uses a different type of henna, but that site it links to buy it from is European I don't want to order from there and risk never getting it. I am sure this is the henna she used to use when I first started reading her site. I just wish she was still active on LHC or her site so I can ask her, but sadly she hasn't posted in years.
Out of all the photos and videos I have seen fruitlovingvegan on youtube got the results I would like to see. I LOVE her end color. If/when I decide to use caca brun I will make an entry on it with photos. I may even do something I didn't do before and take during the process photos.

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