Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fine hair, changing my routine and Neeli oil.

Ok so I read that in order to see if your hair is fine, medium, or coarse I have to take a single strand between my fingers and roll it. What I did is roll it 'around' my finger lol. When I decided to test it again because I'm restarting my routine so I'm re-testing my hair to help me make decisions I read the instructions and basically smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand, like duh.
Here is the test I found and used this time around:
"If you take a single hair in between your fingers and you don't feel anything, then you have fine hair.
If you can feel the hair, then it's medium.
If you feel a strong, thick strand, then you are coarse." (How To Determine Your Hair Type, Plus Which Products Will Give You Your Most Luscious Locks)
The test I used before is:
"Take a strand of hair from the back of your head. Roll the strand between your thumb and index finger.
Fine Hair: Your hair is difficult to feel or it feels like an ultra-fine strand of silk.
Coarse Hair: Your hair feels hard and wiry. As you roll it back and forth, you may actually hear it!
Medium Hair: Your hair feels like a cotton thread. You can feel it, but it isn't stiff or rough. It is neither fine or coarse." (Fia's Hairtyping System)
I have been meaning to write an entry on how to type your hair but it's still in the works (4 years later lol).
I am glad that I am so neurotic because I always treated my hair as if it was damaged or fine. Damaged and fine hair needs to be treated with extra care because it is fragile. I've been looking at my old entries to see what I need to change in my routine in light of knowing I have fine hair and came to the conclusion that I am doing all I need to do... except one thing.
It's no secret that I have a compulsive need to trim my hair, it takes all my will to stop myself from cutting my hair and I don't always succeed. But now that I know my hair is fine I know I need to trim on a regular basis. I guess now I know why I never found any split ends, I can't see them lol, my hair is too fine. The more I think about it the more I'm like 'how did I not know this already?'
I'm actually super happy to start working on a regular trimming schedule, I kind of need it for my mental health lol. I'm thinking that trimming every month is about what I would enjoy and by 'trimming' I mean dusting. I do currently have layers which means that I can either do the trim all over or just the very ends to start getting rind of the layers as I grow. I like the later better, since I only got the front framing layers to blend my bangs as I grow and to bring out my waves. Since I have yet to actually wear my hair down and do something to bring out my waves at the same time. When I wear my hair down it's just to keep my ears warm, its very cold where I work the AC is pointed right at me.
But aside from that I have thought long and hard about Ursula's Standard Newbie Advice and how it says to only change one thing at a time and give yourself a 2 week period to see the effects. I've also been thinking about my problem buying things (which I already bought some coconut oil because I'm running out of my old stash) and how I want to finish the redken shampoo I still have left, the conditioner too.
Since my hair is not porous conditioner doesn't do much for me so maybe I'll use that for deep conditioning treatments. But the shampoo smells nice and it has served me well for the past few months, I don't see a problem finishing it up, or at least finishing up the bottle that is almost finished now.
My last wash I used the redken shampoo, skipped conditioner and finished up with the lemon rinse. My hair and scalp are ok. I don't see any big difference from skipping conditioner. So far so good.
My Neeli oil arrived yesterday and I am super excited to start using it again. I'm so excited I want to start right now, but it's too soon to wash my hair and I don't want to over-clean my scalp and risk drying it out.

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