Thursday, July 7, 2016

I was so wrong about my hair...

Six years I convinced myself I have medium strands and it turns out they are fine. I've had an incline that it may be fine but then I googled it and tested and BAM I have fine hair. No wonder the stuff I tried didn't work I was trying stuff for medium coarseness.
I also did a porosity test today and it turns out I have low porosity hair which at the moment has a bit too much moisture to it. My hair needs a protein treatment. When I stretch one shed hair strand it stretches far and does not bounce back.
What baffles me to this day is the texture. I say it's 2a because if does have S shaped waves throughout but it also forms actual spiral curls if I use leave-ins.

In that photo I would say it looks like 2c/3a hair, its more curly than wavy. Most of the time though my hair looks like 2a. My biggest mistake is that I tested my hair when it had henna on it, which made the strands thicker and the texture straighter.
This is what it normally looks like:

This would be more of a 1c/2a. Which just further confuses me. If my texture varies from 1c to 3a wth am I suppose to treat it as???
Right after I wash it I see 2a for the most part :

I guess ultimately it doesn't really matter because I keep my hair up most of the time anyway and if I leave it down I use leave-ins. But I would like to know. Sigh.

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