Saturday, July 9, 2016

Protein and Neeli oil.

So I washed my hair two days ago because my scalp wasn't feeling so great. I skipped conditioner on the wash before that and I'm pretty sure T-gel shampoo has basic ph. My scalp felt so weird from the second it dried.
I did what I planed to do: I clarified&chelated with joico K pak, then followed up with a protein treatment and finished up with a lemon rinse (one half tea spoon of lemon juice to one cup of water). My hair feels way better, it's so much softer and easier to detangle, not to mention I tested a strand for moisture/protein balance and it is balanced, not too much or too little of either.
After using the protein treatment, I used some of the aloe vera gel with EVOO to make Kimberlily's defrizz spray, I've always made it without glycerin and it works great, or so I remember. I have yet to use it again, soon though, once I get some time before work to actually do something with my hair other than a cinnabun held by a hair fork. I decided to go with the spray because using straight up gel on my hair isn't an exciting concept for me, I actually really don't want to do that. Mixing it with water and spray it on makes it so I use less and my curls can be revived on day 2, 3, whatever, by the water.
I did some shopping, of course I did, because if I decide to stop buying stuff what I do is buy more stuff. Sigh. Anyways... I bought the protein treatment and aloe vera gel I need for my return to natural hair care. I also  started to read the new hair articles on LHC and one of them made me interested in buying amla oil which of course reminded me it's been about 3 years since I used neeli oil so I went ahead and bought that too.
I wonder if my scalp was sore and acting weird when I hit waist because I stopped using Neeli oil. Just by massaging it in I did something to my scalp and that got it used to being handled? Idk, I just think it helped my scalp feel ok. I remember it helped with my dandruff prone scalp and made my hair thicker. I stopped using it when it stopped making my hair grow faster, but that's not really a concern for me anymore. I'm not in any hurry this time around.
I'm very excited to start using Neeli oil, I'm just not sure what I'm going to do with the amla oil. Wait to use it after I'm done with the Neeli bottle? Use them one at a time alternatively before washes (amla one wash, neeli the next wash)? Combine them and use them together? Put the amla oil in the fridge and never actually end up using it? Right now idk.
I noticed I post, blog and read a lot more about hair when I don't play tera. It's always one or the other on which I choose to spend my free time.


  1. Hi Adelina,
    Thank you for your helpful posts.
    I was wondering if you noticed anything when you stopped neeli oil three years ago? Did your hair shedding increase after stopping?
    Also, do you notice any side effects of the Neeli oil?


  2. My shedding did increase a lot I went from shedding 10-20 hairs per wash to 100-200. I did not notice any side effects from it. The smell is really the only bad part of it, but once you wash it out nothing stays behind, so you only have to put up with it for as long as you have it on.


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