Sunday, July 3, 2016

Trying to decide if I should color my hair.

Today I took a photo of my white hairs. It took a long time to get it right and I needed sunlight to really show it, but it also shows my hair color very well.

I can count 4 white hairs in that photo. In the mirror I see more, maybe 10-15. That's not a lot at all. The reason this is important to me is demarcation line and roots showing between coloring. Since it's only a few hairs it would not be very obvious at all. And that is in the pro-color column.
I will have to do a strand test before I decide if the lush caca brun needs to be diluted or not. I picked this particular dark brown color because it is the lightest color with no red showing. This part is adjustable, I can dilute it with conditioner or cassia, it's not a problem if it's too dark and if the dye was too light it would not be a problem because this dye does not lighten hair. All and all I mark this in the pro-color column also.
My other worry was that I will have an allergic reaction. Henna is the third ingredient down the list. Now for dark brown if I bought the henna and indigo myself and combined them, the proportion would be: 3 parts indigo, 1 part henna. Since Cocoa butter is the first ingredient that means there is more of it than there is of indigo, the second ingredient. That means that the mixture had 3 parts indigo, 1 part henna, more than 3 parts cocoa butter, plus some other ingredients. From that I can calculate (1/7) there is less than 14.3% henna in the whole thing. That is not that much henna so maybe I don't need to worry about an allergic reaction from it. This also goes into the pro-color column.
My only other concern would be I may have an allergic reaction to the indigo which I never used on my scalp before, but I will find out on way or another when I strand test.
My conclusion from thinking this out is that after a strand test I will know if I want to go through with the color or not and if I need to dilute it at all. But if nothing goes wrong during the strand test I will do it.
*A few hours after writing this I changed my mind. I fought years, YEARS to have my hair all be my natural hair color and now I am just going to throw all that away for a few white hairs? It's an irreversible decision and I am not ready for that.

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