Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shampoo bar update plus boredom.

So the CV bar I started using is not really working out for me. First of all it makes me shed WAY more, like 4-5 times more than it was with the redken shampoo. Second of all it does not clean the length very well. Just running it through the length doesn't work and soaping up the length one out of the two times I use it on my scalp also does not remove the oil. Using it twice on the length could work except it makes all the hair around my scalp very frizzy, dry and tangly which I don't want for my length.
My main concern is the increased shedding though, that alone is making me not want to use this shampoo bar. So I decided starting today I'm going with the black soap, it worked well for me in the past, it actually cleaned my hair and I don't remember any increased shedding.
Now onto the seemingly never-ending boredom... I want to color my hair. I kind of want black hair but not that super fake obvious blue black that many people use. I'm thinking more along the lines of a natural looking brown-black like the kind that darkest brown gives me usually.
I'm probably going to go to sally's and try to find a demi-dye or something alone those lines without peroxide because I don't want to have lightened hair under the dye. The last thing I want is for my hair to be lighter once the dye washes out. That's actually another reason that I want this color and not "black" because brown washes out but black sticks to hair and never lets go.
I'm playing around with some ideas on how to wear my hair because the same old cinnabun or french braid is getting super boring to me. I kind of want to leave it down too because it's still relatively short and doesn't get in the way. But I do want to use some braids to keep it off my face. I have some ideas but I'm not 100% sure what I will stick with, not until I have tested some styles to see how comfortable they are and how well they stay looking nice over the course of the day.
I kind of want to cut my hair too. Like last time I cut my hair, yesterday I saw someone who went from long hair to a nice shoulder length bob which looks super cute on her and now I miss having that length. My inner monologue is the same as always: I keep my hair up anyway, it would be more comfortable, it would be easier to style, wash and comb. But I know from experience that I will end up regretting it a month or two after I chop, then I start feeling guilty and defeated. So really I need to mentally slap myself back into focus and just stick to the trims. I kind of want to do a bigger trim this month though, the ends are annoying me, some strands are rough at the ends and some ends are bent like they are broken but not enough to fall away. I think my hair needs a good trim.


  1. How much cm do you want to cut? I think you should cut into your "tatoo length". And then keep growing

    1. The only thing hindering me from growing long is the fact that I keep chopping, I'm going to cut very little.

    2. So, you want to Go really shorter again

    3. No, like I said above "I'm going to cut very little". In fact I already cut what I was going to, which is a half an inch.


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