Saturday, October 15, 2016

Colored my hair.

I've been using manic panic for years to color my hair, but I've wanted to try something new. Recently I went to Sally's and got Darkest Brown in a dye which has no peroxide or ammonia. I was going for a soft/natural black. I'm looking to replace the dye that I used to get in the bay area for like $120 at a salon. Funny thing is: my hair looks the same as it did with that dye and I paid $6 for it.
First I put on coconut oil, like I usually do before washing. I let it sit for an hour, then applied the dye over my oiled hair. I wrapped the dyed hair with cling wrap and let it sit under a shower cap for 2 hours. Then I rinsed until I pruned and when the water ran clear I applied a protein treatment. Even with the coconut oil in my hair, it still felt dry after rinsing and this protein treatment has been making my hair very happy, it is like a miracle.
I colored my hair Thursday, yesterday. This is what it looks like today:

I'm pretty happy with it so far. The bottle says it lasts 4 to 8 washes, which is a very short time, but I hope it will last at least a month. Someone on the Sally's website left a review saying it contains 2 ingredients which are "cousins" of peroxide and ammonia, but I hope that it won't lighten my hair. It doesn't come with a developer or anything like that. I would like to use this dye. Its way easier to get than the manic panic I used before and it is also cheaper and it gives me glossy hair. The picture is not very good at showing it, but I see it in the mirror.
If it lasts at least a month and if my color under this has not lightened then I will definitely switch to this brand.

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  1. Really beautiful your hair colored. I imagine It longer and more beautiful!!!


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