Thursday, May 18, 2017

Plans for this year.

I took a long break while moving into my new house so I haven't been able to update my blog, but I'm settled in and ready to post again.
About a month or two ago I trimmed my ends (right after taking my length photo for march) they were very thin and I needed the trim to feel good about my hair again. I lost about an inch in length, but since then I gained it all back so I'm about at the same length in my last two length photos. I really hate how the layers are looking these days, not to mention my braids look terrible.
My current plan is this: let my hair grow until it hits hip, then maintain the length until I get rid of the layers. I may change this plan as my hair grows, but for now this is what I want to do. I measured the difference between my shortest layer and my longest one, it would take me at least one year of maintaining to get it even.
I was suppose to hit hip by the end of the year but I'm really not confident about that. I am one inch away from waist and hip is 2 inches away from waist. I don't feel like I will hit it by the end of the year. In theory I should hit hip in 6 months, in November, so if that happens I will maintain my length all of 2018. Which means probably no more monthly photos, not until I start growing again. If everything happens as it should I will be at hip with no layers by the end of 2018. Fingers crossed.
I want to see if hip may be my final length and I want to see if I may want to grow beyond that. Maintaining will also give me some time to get used to hip length and learn some cool buns. If at the end of maintaining my hair at hip I find that I can handle more length I will keep going. Next stop will be classic and if it's not too challenging I will continue, otherwise I will just figure out what I like best and stay there.
The problem is that my length measures at 27 inches right now, waist is 30 inches and hip is 32, so I should be 5 inches away from hip although it really doesn't look that way, its very confusing and probably caused by the angle I took the photo. Anywho if I have to get to 32 inches from 27 that means 10 months of growing so I should be there in March 2018, then I will have to maintain until at least March 2019.
I feel like the hard part is over. I gained a lot of length, I no longer have short hair, I've done a billion experiments and I know what my hair&scalp need to be happy. I know which products I like, which I don't; which braids and buns work best and are most comfortable. I'm in a good place with my hair. In a lot of ways I feel like I am at the end of my journey.
I've been meaning to try out the rice water treatment but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I have a draft for that entry that has been waiting for almost a year lol. One day I will try it, maybe.
I haven't even had time to do my cassia treatments. My scalp is mostly unhappy and has started to flake. I got some t-gel shampoo that I plan to use like once a month or every other week to keep my scalp semi-happy. This whole move has really prevented me from doing any hair treatments. All my non-essential stuff has been in boxes for like a month.

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