Thursday, September 26, 2019

Hair thickness.

I measured my ponytail circumference on Aug 13th and I noted it has diminished by .5 inches resulting in a total of 3 inches circumference. But today I measured it again and it seems that it may not have been accurate.

I suppose I measured it wrong, or perhaps some new growth has reached my ponytail since last month. I presumed the decrease in thickness was caused by not using T-gel shampoo on a regular basis for several years. My shedding increases when my dandruff is not being treated. I have started T-gel usage back in February through CWC which was 6 months before the first measure and now 7 months. It is possible the thickness is starting to reach my ponytail gradually. I am not sure.
I want to keep an accurate record of this because I am hoping to gain more thickness as my post-dandruff hair keeps growing. It is very important to me that I know exactly what effect the candida cleanse has on my hair thickness and growth rate. I must mark the start of my candida cleanse as August 22nd and the first sign that it has mostly cleared around September 5th.
It looks to me that my measuring tape has suffered some damage in the 9 years or so that I've had it, so I ordered a new one. This could also be a factor in determining accuracy, albeit a small one. The difference between taking 20 separate photos was minimal, less than one of the smallest sub-units on the tape. I added the scotch tape 9 years ago to protect my hair from being pulled and broken by the metal part of the measuring tape.

I retook the thickness photos when the new measuring tape showed up and I am still at 3 inches, which makes more sense to me than gaining more than a quarter of an inch in thickness during a month. So this will be my initial thickness photo.

I am hopeful that my thickness and growth rate will increase, but certainly not sure this will be the case. Right now I'm in full "fingers crossed" mode. It will probably take at least one year to know for sure what the stable effects of this change will do to my hair. Once again I find that patience is the main ingredient in growing hair.
What I plan to do at this time is resume my monthly length photos as much as possible. It is such a pain to take the length photos, but I believe they are actually worth the trouble for my current goals to monitor my scalp health, growth and thickness progress. I plan to take ponytail circumference measurement photos once every 6 months or so, or perhaps every month.
These two decisions should give me a good idea of what is happening to my hair. I'm kind of excited by this, it has been a long time since I took monthly photos and I guess I kind of miss rejoicing in my monthly progress.
I remeasured my body with the new tape and this is what I got: Hip Length is at 34 inches, TailBone Length is at 39 inches and Classic Length is at 42 inches. At a rate of growth of 0.5 inches per month this is my tentative plan for the next 2 years:
WL to HL 4 inches = 8 months -> HL in May 2020
1.5 inch trim will add 3 months to the next stage, trim scheduled for Aug 2020 (one year no trims, can I do it?)
34 to 39 inches means 5 inch difference = 10 months -> TBL in July 2021
1 inch trim after TBL means 2 more months added to the next stage, trim scheduled in September 2021
39 to 42 inches means 3 inch difference = 6 months -> CL in March 2022
Not sure if the trimming schedule is realistic. I may do small 0.5 inch trims periodically in stead.

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